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Author Topic: Sigtext  (Read 1059717 times)


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #150 on: January 07, 2012, 08:56:28 am »

Awesome thread, much needed.
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[img height=x width=y]http://LINK TO IMAGE HERE[/img]
The Toad hops in mysterious ways.
This pure mountain spring water is indispensable. Literally. I'm out of paper cups.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #151 on: January 19, 2012, 12:43:11 pm »

My sigtext has finally broken the surly bonds of the character limit, and so I come here seeking refuge.

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Bay12 FUMBBL Blood Bowl League: Season Four Signups Open!
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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #152 on: February 14, 2012, 05:09:58 pm »

I finally had a sig requiring more space than I have left, so into this thread it goes! (Now with linkage!)

Lets have us an alien war: XCom2 modded. Screenshot LP of XCOM2.
Lets Change Erebus, a modmodded Civ4 (Master of Mana 2.11) terraforming LP. Finished one game, second one had save issues.
Forum Games (The relatively complete ones anyway):
Crystalline - A forum game based on cerapa's old Crystal game.
You are WIZARD! - More than likely dead. If someone revives it, I might take a go at doing so, but I'm not going to myself.
You are Another Wizard! - Quasisequel to the above.
Energy Quest! - Multiplayer robot survival game. Don't think I'm going to do another multiplayer game, this one worked but I just had too much to do already.
You are a Satellite - In which a scout satellite is for some reason heavily armed with both cannons and a rover. Likely to return at some point since I have a good hold on REXPaint Paint.Net and thus far less mapping problems.
TACTICUS! - A game of Tacticus! What other explanation doth thou need?
Trapped. - A multiplayer town defense game. "Completed" in the way that it never had an expected ending, it was just for fun. Not to be confused with the much more recent You are Trapped, which is entirely unrelated.
AI B.A.T.M.A.N. Rebooted - Completed multiplayer game. Got too complex for me, but it has an ending and everything.
You are a (Ghost) Pirate with a multiclass in Bard - Dead forum game, unless proven otherwise. Title describes it pretty well.
Two/Thrice-Worded Adventure - A silly thing.

♪ The Great Music Thread ♫
Pondificationus Magi - A thread for pondering magic in.
~Spinning thread~
Adventures of the ASCII Table
Live Text Adventure - An experiment(s) in non-forum text adventuring. Feel free to bump if you want to start one up.
Pants - Just a random poll.


I mean, B12 is like an oasis in the wild west.
It is the 2nd Millennium. For more than a decade The Toad has sat immobile on the Golden Office Chair of Washington State. He is the Master of Bay 12 by the will of the internet, and master of a million bytes by the might of his inexhaustible coding. He is a restless mathematician writhing invisibly with power from the Modern Age of Technology. He is the Amphibian Lord of the Twelfth Bay for whom a thousand suggestions are sacrificed every day, so that he may never truly sleep.

Yet even in his sleepless state, the Toad continues his eternal vigilance. Mighty threads cross the bot-infested remnants of Various Nonsense, the only route between the distant boards, their way lit by the Forum Guidelines, the digital manifestation of the Toad's will. Vast usergroups give discussion in his name on uncounted sites. Greatest amongst his users are the Lower Forumites, the Bay Watchers, socially abnormal angry debators. Their comrades in arms are legion: the Upper Forumites and countless Escaped Lunatics, the ever vigilant ThreeToe and the mafia aficionados of the Forum Gamers to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to completely ignore the nonexistant threat from trolls, heretics, spammers - and worse.

To be a Bay Watcher in such times is to be one amongst untold hundreds. It is to post in the cruelest and most hilarious network imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of scripted events and 3D graphics, for so much has been discarded, never to be retried. Forget the promise of cell shading and multiplayer, for in the moderate dimness of the here and now there is only Dwarf Fortress. There is no peace amongst the Bay, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting Watchers."

"It is the 41st millennium. The shrine maiden of girlkind has sat on her turtle throne for the last 10,000 years, protecting the borders of the Imperium from Youkai incursions originating within the Gap of Terror. Within the borders, the loyal members of the Adeptus Divanicus, or Space Fairies, try to fight the only way they know how through sheer weight of numbers. Whole planets have been turned over to the production of danmaku, known as Curtain Worlds, that supply the soldiers with all important wargear.

Girlkind faces danger at every corner of the known galaxy. In their world ships, the mysterious and illusive vampires cling to what remains of their once powerful empire. Elsewhere, hordes of Oni gather in great drunken warbands, known as Brawls, descending on planets, drinking all alcohol and leaving a dry husk behind. A terrible fate for those stricken, for alcohol is the lifeblood of the sprawling Imperium.

From within the Gap of Terror, traitorous legions of fairies lead by champions of the four Gap Gods, storm the walls of countless planets. Their ancient masters feeding of the different emotions of their victims; Yukari, the god of plots and hope. Yuuka, the god of anger and bloodshed. Eirin, the god of disease and stagnation. Yuyuko, the god of excess and perfection."

Hmm, about time I stopped before it becomes too long.

Edit: I was encouraged. Foolish mortals, now you have to read my drivel.
Spoiler: Continuation (click to show/hide)
Uh... I can't think of anything else to cover. I'm not happy with all of it. I was thinking of writing Kanako and Suwako like the C'tan but Byakuren Hijiri and Myouren Temple became the Necrons.

I am also rather out of the loop with Touhou, and have not played any of the games after U.F.O. so the more recent characters I know very little about.

I could use more books.

You know, the great thing about that statement is that it's true no matter how many books one actually owns already.
Fanfiction, m'fellow, fan fiction. It's like a functionally infinite supply of books that grows. Faster than you can catch up. Original fiction and just plain free stuff just adds to the frothing tide of rampaging literature.

And that's just counting the good stuff! There's another tidal wave of bad stuff that's like nine times as large.

Never run out of things to read. This is what the internet hath wrought. And it is glorious. Albeit occasionally on fire.
It's like a bush...

Spoiler: Spoilered for length (click to show/hide)

Osaka Logic.
1:15 AM - Twi: Watching charity livestreams and reading (things).
That's what friends are for~
Twi: They were reading so I made a disappointed face
Me: But I was reading earlier too.
Twi: 'Yes, but I wasn't trying to kiss you.
Me: ...You have a point. XD

Twi: Also, USEC says you are my editor dude person thing.
Twi: You need to put that as your sig or title or something somewhere.

Twi: Being a hat is an acceptable tanking method.

In other terms, Naruto ninjas are actually cross-classed Wizard/Monk/Psion hybrids. The reason only a relative handful out of thousands are effective is because most of them aren't good enough munchkins to turn that mess into a workable build--note how most of the ones that are also have some absurd template, like magic eyes, inner demons, &c. It's also why so many of the mooks die like chumps: low hit dice, low AC, and they're wearing armor with a decently high spell failure chance, so a lot of their spells fizzle when their spells/day and CL (and PP) are already really low.

The year is 2016.

Liberal President Barack Obama ends his term with high approval ratings, and is succeeded by insane demagogue Donald Trump.

With Conservatives sweeping into power in the House and Senate, and a Conservative Supreme Court, commentators are hailing it as the beginning of a new Conservative Era.

President Donald Trump has ask the new Congress to move quickly to rubber stamp his radical insane agenda. The left seems powerless to stop this imminent trampling of Liberal Sanity and Justice.

In this dark time, the Liberal Crime Squad is born...
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Crystalline (SG)
Quote from: RedKing
It's known as the Oppai-Kaiju effect. The islands of Japan generate a sort anti-gravity field, which allows breasts to behave as if in microgravity. It's also what allows Godzilla and friends to become 50 stories tall, and lets ninjas run up the side of a skyscraper.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #153 on: February 25, 2012, 12:21:47 pm »

Ohai sigtext thread.
Stuff I've done, because bandwagoning on Aklyon:

RotMG lore things: Public flowchart commit and open wikiflowchart.
You are (making) physics! - An old suggestion game. Died off, but was neat while it lasted.
Steampunk Metal Elemental - Technically a suggestion game, mostly a cross of Man of SCIENCE! mechanics and me worldbuilding. On hiatus: needs more writing. Terribly planned out.
Interdimensional video chat - If the title isn't self explanatory, think the mechanics of Homestuck chatting applied to skype. An RP that never really got too far, but it was a neat idea.

Quote from: Aklyon
The hard-to-spell do not have many pants either.

Quote from: Aklyon describing a new show on Toonami
It involves that guy in space and anime

well, other summons are other summons, I only govern the fringe of the void. But generaly the more powerful, the bigger the sacrifices needed for a successful and safe summoning experience
Do they accept American Express?

Now I'm just imaging someone surfing the Shank Wave; if you fall over, the sharks shank you with knives.
This would probably sound just as badass in any other context.

Twi: But they went to a movie~
Twi: And are apparently on a not-mobile. o.e
Aklyon: Twi!
Twi: Aklyon!
Aklyon: To the Notmobile!
<ForgottenBeast> I finished my book on agile developpment yesterday before going to sleep. I'm sure its a good way to devellop software if you are geographicaly close to the other coders. But what really got my attention is the importance of test driven development.
<ForgottenBeast> I'm quite enthusiastic to say the least.
<ForgottenBeast> I think TDD will make me manlier, enlarge my penis, attract scores of beautiful and rich women.
<ForgottenBeast> metaphoricaly of course.
Beck, Beck what are you doing. Beck stahp.
Hm. If technology is authoritarian porn, and Glenn Beck uses technology all the time to talk about it, doesn't that make him an authoritarian wanker?
Lab lockers are my waifu, they're so petite and helpful~

<smeding> i'd just call in sick
<smeding> but in the US that probably gets you shot or something, i dunno
Loksoral> I'm convinced Steam is a game unto itself these days. It's a game of cultivating, nurturing and watching your Backlog grow into a behemoth of epic proportions. Then, you clash your Backlog with other peoples Backlog, the bigger one wins.
<Loksoral> The amount of trading cards you've sold and collected act as modifiers to these battles.
<Darkbird> Lok, are you suggesting we generate a social media site for the social media portion of Steam in order to have our social media profiles battle for supreme social media profile? Because... meta. :o
<Loksoral> Exactly.
<Darkbird> Like Pokemon, except for Steam libraries.

Eating things seems to be a theme.
Found a codex entry? Eat it!
Need to heal? Eat a bandage, or a red stim pack!
New blueprint? Eat it!
Met a new human? Floran eatsss.
New monkey-man? Eatsss.
New fissshy? Eatsss.
New avian? Eatsss.
New glitch? Floran isss displeasssed.
Quote from: Madarch 44, Youtube comments on KSP Interstellar 10
Does it matter?
This is Scott Manley. He could make orbit with a bottle of Diet Coke and Mentos.
<Kyuubey> Damnit twi you were supposed to explode into babbeh.

Hello, headwear.
<RangerCado> I'm not doing drugs, i'm doing Bay12
'good, I was worried' as 'good, I was worried that this RP was considered substandard' or 'good, I was worried that the forum was getting slightly sane and not making conspiracy theories that implicated the Catholic Church as an organization that severs people's souls from their bodies via Baptism'? :P
Jebediah looses a roaring laughter, fell and terrible!
Conny glances at Stella, distracted by her... her-ness...?

If she wants to land an ocean liner on a desert of sand, then she damn well should be able to!
...nomadic mutts.
The abridged history of humanity.
Magic is like sitting down and calculating the trajectory required to fire a gun so that the bullet flies off and cuts the chain holding up a hanging light, so that the light falls down onto a plank of wood that happens to have a knife on the other end, catapulting the knife into the air so that it falls in a way that happens to perfectly remove that cancerous growth. Except a lot trickier. And there is another mage standing next to you telling you it will never work because you have the wrong sort of hat on. And the bastard is actually right.
Hairstyle analysis
Quote from: Steam
Something Evil: Understanding the thought processes of the highly religious is the Devil's own job.
Quote from: Aklyon

an insightful and wily individual of mysterious and indistinct gender
-Aklyon's description in Echo Bazaar Fallen London, apparently.
Quote from: Twi
Because jet intakes are always useful, look at the kerbals. They can stick enough jet intakes on a plane to get it into almost-space! (and then half the time it runs out of air and gets stuck in orbit, but thats beside the point)
Quote from: Strike Witches
Aklyon: Magic flying (robocrafted) not-pants.
Obama: Practical and pro-Death Star.
Now we're cooking with gas, people.

I'm not quite sure what sort of gas, mind. It's probably hallucinatory. But we've begun cooking with it, whatever it is.
Test humans, get prophets.
Quote from: Some random person on the internets
Nanoha: I did you a big favour ...i have successfully privatized world peace!
Quantum tunnelling also applies to children.
Quote from: Something Evil
The villian has 100% reality-proof plot armor. The expensive kind that covers all your bits.
The Law of Internet Discussion states that any topic that has anything to do with the government will eventually turn into Government Sucks and Here is Why.

The Marx generator will produce Engels-waves which should allow the inherently unstable isotope of Leninium to undergo a rapid Stalinisation in mere trockoseconds.
Thus establishing the triumph of the People's physics over the decadent bourgeois vacuum. Down with capitalist emptiness! We will replace vacuum with the bounty of the Proletariat!
Quote from: The Merchant of Menace
Toady's beard is Dwarf Fortress.
And then there are people who, rather than letting information give them cause to reconsider their worldview, seek refuge in audacity and start harping on completely ridiculous things. Oh man, people... capable of such heights of greatness, and such depths of pettiness.

Its not that we joke, its that we tell the truth in a funny way.
You keep getting distracted and underwater mechs are gonna torpedo you from puddles.

Puddles of doooooooooom.
-This is why I still can't get into Battletech things. I'm too ADHD to actually read through the -OH LOOK A BUTTERFLY~

Unfortunately, the elevatus is not a lightning piston of justice.
Quote from: darkrider2

Quote from:
To err is human, to moo bovine.


This poster is prone to generating pointless PMs if unattended. Store at temperatures above 0 C.
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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #154 on: March 08, 2012, 02:50:17 pm »

If he's a goblin spy, execute with no mercy.
If he's a dwarf, keep him alive and throw him in your military.


wait a second.
I am watching my fortress crumble in fucking bullet time.

This is why I love the DF forums.  Someone says "Hey I want to host fuckin' multiplayer DF but my linux box is broken."  Next guy is like "Hey I'm a Linux System Admin."

Guys, jewelry =/= vampire.
Experiences with my ex-girlfriend say otherwise.
As for dwarfs being suicidal in their regular every day activity,
« Last Edit: March 13, 2012, 02:44:10 pm by miauw62 »

Quote from: NW_Kohaku
they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the raving confessions of a mass murdering cannibal from a recipe to bake a pie.
Knowing Belgium, everyone will vote for themselves out of mistrust for anyone else, and some kind of weird direct democracy coalition will need to be formed from 11 million or so individuals.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #155 on: April 20, 2012, 08:08:32 pm »

857. You firmly believe that the story of BoatMurdered should be taught in every grade-school history class, because, of course, it really happened dammit!

no magma is involved though...

Therefore you have done it wrong.

Dear Planters;


Please do your jobs, or I'll give it to someone else, and you will become ...useful. Or, at least, a tasty soup.

Grumpily yours,
Ovr'sr, Metropolis of SusnŻul.

Dwarf Fortress.
The only game where throwing babies into a pit with crazed dogs will be considered a beneficial concept.

... With enough serrated discs anything can become a liquid.

Lies, filthy lies! Adamantine is for socks!

Dear metalsmiths of Lazdumat:

Another artifact adamantine war hammer? What am I supposed to do, start a croquet club?

My boys just disembarked right at the confluence of two rivers.  Boom!  Alligator attack out of nowhere.  Two dead dogs and two dead dwarfs later, my miner chases the bastard away from the wagon.  While he's off bludgeoning it with his pick, my leader (the woodcutter) goes berzerk from the trauma and hacks down a third dwarf, injures a fourth.  Dwarf number five runs for the hills, meets the gator coming back his way with the miner in hot pursuit, and dodges into the river where he drowns.  The miner refuses to abandon the fight - vengeance will be his!  Meanwhile, the injured dwarf bleeds out, the expedition doctor (naturally) having been the first to die.  That's five dead dwarfs 30 seconds into the expedition.

The miner finishes off the gator, drags the carcass back to the wagon where he finds the axe murdered bodies of his two companions.  His leader calmly sits by the river, fishing.  A bloody axe resting at his side.

Perhaps Luckycharms wasn't the best name to pick for this group.

Dear Captain Uvash, [snip]

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
« Last Edit: September 08, 2014, 11:01:50 am by krg »
Goblins == Child Protective Services.
Why else would they come and 'kidnap' them?
Child Protection Services would go into apoplexy get murdered with MAGMA if they found themselves inside DF.
My Sig
will grow.(hopefully) growing, mwahahahaha


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #156 on: April 27, 2012, 06:48:34 pm »



Forum Game Stuff
Spoiler: GWSWS 1.2 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Quotes (click to show/hide)
« Last Edit: August 28, 2017, 04:18:03 pm by Gatleos »
Think of it like Sim City, except with rival mayors that seek to destroy your citizens by arming legions of homeless people and sending them to attack you.
Quote from: Moonshadow101
it would be funny to see babies spontaneously combust
Gat HQ (Sigtext)
++U+U++ // ,.,.@UUUUUUUU


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #157 on: May 04, 2012, 03:31:15 pm »

My sig: The one and only
Spoiler:  Quotes (click to show/hide)

« Last Edit: August 20, 2012, 09:00:41 am by bukitodinos »
I mean for the love of god! There's hair trying to kill a dog!
back to professional martinis with bukitodinos!
Put the flag in the martini and were done!


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #158 on: May 24, 2012, 10:01:17 am »

Now usually when it comes to my signature, I just discard the more inferior quotes when I stumble upon a new one of my liking, but when you have a hilariously out of context quote regarding pants-stealing nazis it feels shameful to just dispose of it like a used murder weapon.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
« Last Edit: July 16, 2012, 05:12:50 am by Myroc »
We all have problems. Some people just have more awesome problems than others.
Getting angry is fun. Getting angry over petty things even better.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #159 on: May 27, 2012, 10:24:20 pm »

I feel as though I should get in this game too, as I've now truncated the forum links from where I got my favourite quotes from. Never again!


>>Toady One: I'll have to be careful with the distributions here to stop all of your dwarves from being deeply, deeply flawed, beyond what you might expect from dwarves.

>>KillerClowns: It's faster to write "!!science!!" than any of the synonyms: "mad science", "dwarven science", or "crimes against the laws of god and man".

I plan my forts with some degree of paranoia.  It's kept me somewhat safe.
>>KillerClowns: It's faster to write "!!science!!" than any of the synonyms: "mad science", "dwarven science", or "crimes against the laws of god and man".
>>Orius: I plan my forts with some degree of paranoia.  It's kept me somewhat safe.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #160 on: June 06, 2012, 07:38:45 pm »

Blast, my sig has exceed the limitations of this program.  I therefore claim this spot for my devious purposes.

Elves! Traps, ceiling collapsing, spikes? Where is your honor, your bloodlust and your general awesomeness?
On the other side of the lever-activated 300 metric ton slab of rock, standing next to the axedwarves. Why?

The first time you see this, copy it into your signature on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.
« Last Edit: February 06, 2013, 11:03:38 am by spook54321 »
It's the same reason why sharks don't attack lawyers, professional courtesy.

This (small) sig of mine


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #161 on: July 02, 2012, 07:52:23 am »

For my own ease of access:

Quote from: Corai
They can do whatever the heck they want. That's why they are nobles, cause they CAN.
King Henry the IV or something had a lot of wives, most of whom he executed. Because he could.
A ton of them mass-murdered Jews and Muslims. CAUSE THEY COULD.
A Roman emperor made his horse a noble, cause he could.
And I modded them all out of existence, because I could.

I also love how much of a Woobie-"Fluttershy" girl Celeste is. A lot of people seem to be running around screaming "I'M THE STRONGEST AND I GOT ABILITIES WOO HOO BACK UP MOTHERFUCKERS" and then promptly dying, whereas Celeste is just "I can't fight. Also, I have a bad leg. Can we be friends? :3"

((I'm actually looking forward to this conversation.

"Can I have a knee brace? I have a medical condition, you see, and-"
"Can't we just cut your legs off and give you new robotic ones?"

People talk a lot of crap about the feedback learning model.  A lot of that's justified, I'll admit, but it generates so many great moments that I could never go back to DF pre v1.4.
I love this game.

Quote from: IRC
14:42    RPharazon|NB   From 0 to mockery of nature in 30 seconds flat
14:42    Kidiri               26, actually.
14:43    RPharazon|NB   Still a good speed
14:44    Kidiri               I try my best.

Introduce self to Lyra.
"Hello. One time I fucked a tiger, but that was back when I was a man."

She sort of just makes a strangled choking noise.
« Last Edit: March 17, 2013, 09:41:33 am by leafbarrett »
Quote from: leafbarrett
They can do whatever the heck they want. That's why they are nobles, cause they CAN.
King Henry the IV or something had a lot of wives, most of whom he executed. Because he could.
A ton of them mass-murdered Jews and Muslims. CAUSE THEY COULD.
A roman emperor made his horse a noble, cause he could.
And I modded them all out of existence, because I could.
sig text


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #162 on: July 19, 2012, 06:50:05 am »

Spoiler: General Signatures (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Never Again (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Goblin Baby Snatcher (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Spambot Signatures (click to show/hide)
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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #163 on: August 07, 2012, 11:20:09 pm »

This is why we can't have nice things in Battlefailed, someone will just wind up filling it with corpses.
You mean the nice things, or just Battlefailed itself?

Trade, wealth, and jewels all go together, but fate is a rather strange addition. Perhaps he's associated with the fate of nations and cities, which can indeed turn on trade and wealth. Celestial broker, perhaps? And if so, does he go on break whenever you need him at the depot?

What do we do if it turns out the fort is unkillable?
we'll do what any normal DF player would do, we'll figure out how to weaponize it and use it to kill elves
Have I mentioned lately that I love this community?

We're big on slapstick comedy here. Shooting ourselves in the foot once? Funny.

Shooting ourselves in the foot three times? Hilarious.
Shooting ourselves in the foot every step of the way?  The Battlefailed Trilogy.
No, what we do is much more akin to dipping our collective foot into magma, realizing that it burns horribly, then sticking it back in repeatedly out of spite.

So what if we unleashed hell, ARMOK WILL SAVE US!
Armok doesn't seem like the saving type.

He's probably pleased with us though.
I just got an image in my head of Armok giving us a thumbs-up.

We may have a problem with dwarf caravans, however. When caravan arrived during my turn they arrived on the goo, saw a zombie, and left through the same map edge they came. No casualties.

I think it went like this: "Oh, sorry, wrong fort. We'll be going now"
They're getting smarter...

This is the worst survivable embark instead.
I have plans for this fort.  I think I've worked out a way to contain and weaponize those roaming vapor clouds as a bioweapon.
So we should start planning Battlefailed V, then?
Why's that?  My projects don't kill the entire population of a fortress, just enough that the remaining dwarves are inured to further genocides, murders or general loss of life.
Until it all goes horribly wrong and you have to move on to another fortress disguised as someone else.
Actually my projects mostly work.  It's my SCHEMES that are too nefarious to fully comprehend.

Hey guys, just checked in again to see what you were doing with th


*clap*  ...  *clap*  ...  *clap*
I just realized what I did there. Fuck you, English language, and your insistence on words having many varied definitions. >_<

Also, I'd like to point out we now have a corpulent, legless dwarf who calls herself a prophet, dragging herself all around the fortress, going about her business, including working on the farms and so forth, all while carrying a baby.  A baby which they have inexplicably named overseer, no less.

For a group of people who named this god Donut, you're surprisingly logical.

Wow, my turn's actually pretty close. I can't wait to
We're doomed.

My turn will consist of, in no particular order: death by madness, flying monkeys taking Manhattan, volcanic eruptions, and the creation of the cheese ray.

Dwarves and overseers happened to it. The reanimating biomes helped, but there's only so much left to fuck with after dwarves under the influence of overseers have rolled through.
I'd blame it on overseers prioritizing safety of the fortress of all things, instead of more important stuff like zombie armies, vampire wells, doomsday weapons, overseer pranks, and !!SCIENCE!!. This The Master guy has the right idea I tell you what.

Seriously we have an army of zombified forgotten beasts. Why do we even have this silly trap hallway?
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Ship of Freaks

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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #164 on: August 19, 2012, 12:25:07 am »

Корабль уродов,
Где твой штурвал и снасть?
Я так боюсь упасть
В морскую воду.

Корабль уродов,
Что ты готовишь мне?
Гибель в морской волне
Или свободу?

(Ship of freaks,
Where are your helm and rigging?
I'm so afraid to fall
Into seawater.

Ship of freaks,
What do you prepare me?
Death in a wave on the sea
Or freedom?)
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They are all one and the same. They are all Grek.
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