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Author Topic: Sigtext  (Read 1058492 times)


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #165 on: August 19, 2012, 12:26:24 am »

Crystalline (SG)
Quote from: RedKing
It's known as the Oppai-Kaiju effect. The islands of Japan generate a sort anti-gravity field, which allows breasts to behave as if in microgravity. It's also what allows Godzilla and friends to become 50 stories tall, and lets ninjas run up the side of a skyscraper.

Ship of Freaks

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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #166 on: August 19, 2012, 12:52:33 am »

They are all one and the same. They are all Grek.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #167 on: August 20, 2012, 11:46:34 pm »

Well i broke the 500 limit quite fast

Spoiler: Sigtext (click to show/hide)
« Last Edit: August 20, 2012, 11:49:02 pm by antlion12 »


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #168 on: August 22, 2012, 11:47:37 pm »

Bay12: We ran out of DF megaprojects, so we made 4chan into a megaproject.
Yep, can't you see the multi-tentacled-and-crab-clawed underwater abomination nearly twice the size of an elephant crouching behind a tree to rob passersby?
Quote from: Loud Whispers
Ia! Ia! Xantulu f'tagn!
Quote from: MrWillsauce
Did somebody say intestines?
Such a man is too good for shoes.
Horrifying screams come from the brightness above!

The sound of a pick breaking through a solid adamantine wall is heard above! DWARVES HAVE COME TO DESTROY HELL YET AGAIN! DEFEND YOURSELVES, DEMONS, though it is a fruitless endeavor!
It's only inefficient because Xantalos killed every single last politician other then you.
I'm really worried about you guys comparing stuff to the taste of piss. Why do you even know what piss tastes like?
You weren't adopted. I made you out of a mess of the raw flesh and blood of my victims. Also lots of Tabasco sauce.
Very Involved Eldritch Abomination. The model citizen!
Good news, Yoda! We know how to stop the Dark Side! Bad news is... Er. Bad news is we know how to stop the Dark Side.
Oh, right.


We won't mess with you. We don't want to have our genitals fed to us while we're slowly dying of blood loss.
Is it an ameoba? Is it a space whale?
Arrogant player! How DARE you command the God of Blood!

But sure, whatever.
... no purple. So, uh. Abstaining. Purple is best color, and in its absence I refuse to vote for inferior hues.
Vote for red then. Red is the parent of purple.
No, vote for blue. Blue is the BETTER parent of purple!
However, things get a little more difficult after that point when the dog, to put it elegantly, flips the fuck out.
You live in...

NOT CANADA. NOT CANADA. England, maybe.
It's like someone took out all the fun parts of bombing minor cities
Man, you'd think people here would be able to get a simple cannibalism joke. :P
I am the darkness that screams in the light.
I am the blood that talks to you at night.
I am the silence in the woods.
I am the men with smiles and knives wearing hoods.
I am Xantalos.
Fear me.
Man ask: girl, what do?
Bay say: do girl not!
No, no, no....they just tested to see how wet you get when rocket-propelled through a hurricane.
When the first effective action is 'I throw a pineapple at the immortal, unstoppable doomlich' it's a good RTD.
That's no moon.
That's a space Hitler.
Security:So, handsome world leader, do you have anything to declare before you enter the degenerate United States?
Kim:No, I am not glowing green from radiation.
((It was also a tale bizarre enough to be a true part of the gospel.

And lo did Gronok wander into the Temple of the Enemy
And here he did get lost
And thus did the enemy guards find him
But thus did he evade them by clinging to a door
And then did he lock himself in a prison by accident
And spoke he to his fellow prisoners 'Let us escape this place'
But failed he to pick the lock
And so one blessed with great strength pried the door open
And so did the unfaithful follow the strong rather than Divine Gronok
All save one, who traveled with him
As he set a great sheen of oil alight, accidentally burning two prisoners alive
Then did he bullshit the high priest
As the guards stabbed all the prisoners
And he sort of walked out with his one faithful convert

Quote from: Factpile
Quaritch gathers every particle of his power, focuses it into a mighty bolt of pure force, more coherent than a laser, more destructive than an exploding sun. He aims it at Sully, a lance of power destined for the traitor’s heart. Sully senses the upsurge of energy and turns to face the colonel, a look of horror on his face. Quaritch lets fly. It strikes the Avatar. Sully dies, his body and soul utterly obliterated.
A furious, teary-eyed Neytiri enters the scene, unleashing arrow after arrow. Quaritch turns his burning gaze on the pathetic female Na’vi. Neytiri’s flesh flakes away to reveal her skeleton, then even that is gone, reduced to dust.
Quaritch teleports to the Tree of Souls and delivers righteous human judgment to all those blue cat monkeys while drinking a nice refreshing cup of coffee. The end.
Guys, if you don't sin, Jesus died for nothing. So sin away!
I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To shit post is my real test
To spam is my cause!

I will comment every thread
regardless of content
To post the most on bay12
is my true intent!

Oh, your going down!
In my post count you will drown!
You know that its true
One day I will out post you!!!

Come on Internet, is there a topic that you can NOT turn towards talking about masturbating?

"So, Jim, how's the weather today?"

"I hump my electrical sockets."


My gender-neutral pronoun of choice from now on shall be "shit".
Bay12 pushed self into fruit math. Tuck Lion was just the mechanism for bay12's latent fruit-math fetish.
[There's a reason I mentioned this wasn't the first time you brought a bear to the house. Where you're from, the bears here are just your vikings. Your bears are probably horrifying creatures that break the sanity of whoever gazes upon it. I blame hair-o-mancy.]
Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha AH HAH HAH HAH HA HAH HAH!
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
And then Xantalos discovered the secret to winning at incest.
So North Korea is at war with Atlantis now?
Lets not shoot our ally in the face without explaining why. That seems like it could get misinterpreted.
"I've got a plan, hear me out on this one... I want to almost murder you."
I made dwarves drink water.
You sick sadistic bastard.
News flash!:  Eating suns may be bad for your health! More at eleven.
"Oh hey, we're sorry, your robot is too awesome so it can't be in the tournament"
"That's okay I'll get my own tv show"

Can you just imagine it from the perspective of the bandits? They have a perfect ambush set up and are ready to steal everything, when suddenly things explode, your leader is killed because one of your friends made a careless error, an angry screaming dwarf starts cutting through them, the winged dude is completely ignoring whatever damage they're doing, the creepy dude in a robe is summoning the souls of the damned, and their weapons can't even hit people directly in front of them? All while a little voice in their head is telling them they're doomed?

And then a few moments later, bodies everywhere, the mages are dead or trapped, the robe guy just gets visibly pissed off and one-shots the strongest guy in the group into dust and bones, the angel is just mocking people by not even bothering to attack anymore because everyone else is slaughtering them, and even a member of the people you ambushed is horrified by it?

The reason they're surrendering is because they're terrified.
So cocaine lets you outrun bears, take down jabberwocks with the aid of a bow and a shrubbery, and helps you to install genetic-robotic enhancements on your own body without any extra knowledge, assistance, or extra anesthetics. Is there anything cocaine can not do? Should I just stockpile cocaine in case of a zombie apocalypse?
Oh no I am sorry I cannot pay for this pizza, whatever can I do to repay you?

It's like the Canada of Texas.
I make an offhand comment about god-popcorn and by the time I come back, you guys are already planning on how to use it to kill more people.

I don't know whether to be impressed, amused, unsurprised, or to make plans against the party deciding to invoke the gods to steal sacred popcorn. All of them, just to be safe.
"One's a do it by the book cop, the other's a krogan.
One's a good cop in a bad world, the other's a flipping krogan.
One lives and dies as the fine blue line between justice and anarcy, the other's a motherfucking krogan... with a shotgun."

Justice ensues.
Pro-tip for mafia aligned players: Don't claim mafia
PTW for scientologist liches.
Sufficiently sociopathic? He's sociopathic to the point where I'm no longer sure whether he's sociopathic, feigning sociopathy or feigning feigning sociopathy.
Webadict has evolved into Vuvuzela!
Also yeah Gamer attempting to use the ancient art of ostrich head-burying does not solve problems, it just puts you in a very awkward position where you're all bent over so it's easier for them to [REDACTED] you in the behind.
"I see you're writing some erotic fanfiction. You might be in need of research material. If so, I could provide some 'hands-on' experience."
*Eyebrow waggle, wink*
That was on purpose.
I sig this sig.
Counter Sig!
Yo dawg, I heard you like sigs. So I put a sig in your sig so you can sig while you sig!
Sigged, replacing old sig.
Sig pyramid!
Pretty soon everyone will have a link in this signature chain, all starting with Xantalos's entire sig... and when that day happens, when every single forum member has sig'd this, Xantalos and Mastahcheese will both add the final quotes to it.
*sheds a single tear*
*Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap*
That.. That is poetic!
Yes. Yes it is.
It actually did occur to me that Xantalos' sig will literally be everywhere by the time we're done with this.
So it seems the unfathomable Xantalos has already attempted to lay claim to the pale temple of the sigginites. Make haste, followers of Gunn, your prize is slipping and access into its hollowed or haunted halls will not elude them for long.

...uh, you realize that you just created an infinite recursion loop in this thread, right?
I'm sorry to tell you this, but...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Why is Xantalos a newt?
He got better.
If stopping the stars from coming right means not getting Half-Life 3, I don't want humanity to survive.
Turns out Galaga is Jean Luc Picard
I can only imagine that Niklas would be what Bay12's spirit animal would be, an angry strange speaking man with an obsession with weapons and a disturbing knowledge of both food, anatomy, and combat.
So internet explorer is where the end of all things lives good to know
I went to sleep came back and Sirus was Obama. Ok then.
Shut up Obama, we all know you don't have emotions. Just get back to delivering that truck full of Marxism.
Mastahcheese: 1
Eldritch Abomination: 209

I got him this time!
Ritual disembowelment should help with that.
It does take quite a while to read. Quite a while.
For me, it was a week and a half to read...of sessions exceeding 4 hours in length each day.
...My sig is that long?!?
Homestuck, GWG.
*checks context*
...What the hell was I thinking?

That you had won the sigwar, forever and always?

Forget sigging the previous smaller pyramid. This is even more sig worthy.
...but I'll let someone else have it.

If each person has enough lines of text that they add... will be less of a sig pyramid and more of a sig ramp.
Quote from: some guy on Youtube
I read it as 'If I have one potato and four pink, how many camels must have been killed by my mother?'
You've got a point. Sometimes I find myself awake at night, watching my roommate. Thinking about all that melatonin in his cells. How his skull structure is visibly different but functionally identical to mine. Pondering how we should all be like me, the solution can only be in spilling blood, yes, murde-

Excuse me, I forgot to take my southern white man tolerance pills this morning. My god, I even put on my tacky suit without realizing it.
Make new sigs, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
New-made sigships, like new wine,
Age will mellow and refine.
Sigss that have stood the test-
Time and change-are surely best;
Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray;
sigs never knows decay.
For 'mid old sigs, tried and true,
Once more we our youth renew.
But old sigs, alas! may die;
New sigs must their place supply.
Cherish sigs in your breast-
New is good, but old is best;
Make new sigs, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
arm based victory dance.
... are we... are we back to the flaming spider orgy-ball?
((How hilarious would it be to die after offending the god of an imaginary squirrel while being a squirrel yourself during a delusion caused by sensory deprivation? Okay, we should stop smoking that.))
Earwax and fapping in the same sentence? I could have sworn I was on 4chan.
the madness it's so beautiful
ia Ia
i see god, i am god, i was eaten by god, i ate god


Living in a submarine completely submerged in liquid lead, because "safety"?

Welcome to Bay 12.  :P
"Hey kid, wanna become undead?"

*incoherent screaming*

"I'll take that as a yes."
Quote from: NAV
Hey Mesk, can I steal your scalp? Mine's broken.
They are singing about having erotic adventures with Pterodactyls. They call them dinosaurs though, which is wrong, as Pterodactyls are pterosaurs.
Ooh! OOH! is it!





Quote from: Spacebattles
"Hey, you know that weapon that assaults the physical concept of the grander living universe so badly it seemingly withdraws all thought from the volume of space affected?"


"Well, I've evolved a countermeasure."


"Yeah, I just modified my DNA, I run on DNA by the way, to create an esoteric neuromorphic geometry that's quite distinct from my original design."

"Oh, right. You've undone a weapon reliant on a field of physics so utterly obtuse nine million years of scientific progress can barely even comprehend it's existence by a society so comfortably advanced the wholesale manipulation of DNA is reduced to trivial hobbycraft by bored amateur gardeners, by introducing a new folding protein that subtly alters your messenger output for synaptic structuring?"

"Umm.... How did you... ?"

"Trivial hobbycraft by bored amateur gardeners. Remember?"
What?  It's just cannibalism.  Is there supposed to be something creepy about that?
I think Dennis Rodman gets too much shit for no reason...he is practically the only "diplomat" that can actually get in and talk to the crazy bastard. He is doing what no one else is doing and at least talking to the guy. I think the mentality of "shun NK cause they are evil" is immature, stupid, hypocritical (on different levels) and pointless. I haven't seen the interview yet but I imagine he is in a bit of a tough spot where the better option is too look "crazy" and keep his friendship with NK. Standing up for Kim Jong-un might get him laughed at but I bet he is doing more to free any captive American than the government is doing.
Should have watched the video. The CNN interviewer suggested exactly that, and Rodman defended the imprisonment instead.
And furthermo-

I think Dennis Rodman gets too much shit for no reason...he is practically the only "diplomat" that can actually get in and talk to the crazy bastard. He is doing what no one else is doing and at least talking to the guy. I think the mentality of "shun NK cause they are evil" is immature, stupid, hypocritical (on different levels) and pointless. I haven't seen the interview yet but I imagine he is in a bit of a tough spot where the better option is too look "crazy" and keep his friendship with NK. Standing up for Kim Jong-un might get him laughed at but I bet he is doing more to free any captive American than the government is doing.
Should have watched the video. The CNN interviewer suggested exactly that, and Rodman defended the imprisonment instead.
I think Dennis Rodman gets too much shit for no reason...he is practically the only "diplomat" that can actually get in and talk to the crazy bastard. He is doing what no one else is doing and at least talking to the guy. I think the mentality of "shun NK cause they are evil" is immature, stupid, hypocritical (on different levels) and pointless. I haven't seen the interview yet but I imagine he is in a bit of a tough spot where the better option is too look "crazy" and keep his friendship with NK. Standing up for Kim Jong-un might get him laughed at but I bet he is doing more to free any captive American than the government is doing.
I think Dennis Rodman gets too much shit for no reason..

The Rod-man goes to North Korea to get the prisoners, for he must feed. In return for the feast of American blood, the Rod-man brings with him nuclear material and thousands of tiny cakes to feed the mighty North Korean Michelin Man.
-Third Book of the Rod, Chapter 12, Verse 52

Quote from: Jack Hansan -> Everyone
Anyone need help?
Quote from: STEPHEN HAWKING -> Jack Hansan
-shown a picture of blasted WW1-style battlefield

>be necromancer

>Be golemancer

> be warlock

> be cat
Pfft. Real parents use the Elevated Overarm Piledriver mode of baby burping.
People who would pass by here on this forum would see this part of the forum and basically everything else as a insane melting pot of lava, spikes, and pushing elves into holes of magma and spikes, but if you take the time to actually read through things, you will realise its a see-saw balanced by a massive community of people who are all either insane, a counter balance to the insane, a counter counter balance back again over a massive melting pot of magma, spikes and elves being pushed into magma and spikes.

And dear god I wouldn't have it any other way.
Oh man here is a bug and it's really creepy and it smells bad and when you step on it you turn into the bug and the bug turns back into a person and you start smelling bad. ooOOooO!
You know shit got bad when Robocop decided that Gotham needed him more than Detroit.
Congratulations, you win the Most Arrogant Forumer Award! GreatWyrmGold grinds his teeth with the force of a thousand irate dragons as his treasure is stolen away! What do you do?
The snow is an euphemism for cocaine.
Gandalf: Channel the Literary and Persuasive Powers of Miguel Cervantes, and convince the inquisition to not slay Gandalf.
So, Alan has currently condemned his host into a long time of hardship and possible imprisonment and/or death, impeded the process of his team and thrown at least two attempts I've made to get him involved with the plot of this mission out the window. And his host is moderately injured, the host's beginning to believe he's gone crazy and Alan's very close to being desynchronized.
Oh, yo guise I just woke up, let me check what went down in my abseT͙͇̭̗ͦ͋H̛̯̬̹͐̒Ę̝̞ ̮͙̗̺̆ͫͫ̋̀ͤ͆F͖̩͚̬͚ͣ́ͬ̽U̝͓͐C̸̣̏̃͑͂̉̽̎K͚̍͂͗ͫ̀͒E̻̫̜̿̄ͧ̍R̜̣͎͕͉̜ͪ̀Ŷ͕͚ͭ͛̿̿ͥ.͖̳̂̉̆ ̰͙̝͓̲̂́͗͊ͅI̝̱͔̠͍̫͂͠T̻̻̽͌̆ͣͣ ̌͋͏̺B̛̥̯͈͕ͭͅE̢̫̮̻͔̟͐ͅG̳͉̦͎̙͎ͪ̉̉ͅI̥̩̤͎̭͚̞̎͗̚N͇̪̝̰̗̫̙̒S̞̝̃
I'll allow it.
I can only imagine Jim sitting there, watching Tv, when Xan drags a screaming Grate into the room and out toward the airlock. And Jim looks over, shrugs, and then turns up the volume on the tv.
"'Ey, come back 'ere! There's people ya gotta kill! War don't work if ya don't kill people!"
You write out a statement encapsulating and articulating your feelings and needs at the moment.


For some reason, it doesn't seem very effective at conveying your need for help. Perhaps more colorful threats are needed?
Right... so we need a fanfic where they starve to death after arguing for 6 straight weeks, get reanimated, decide to end their dispute in the ring with ringside announcer and those girls with bikinis and round signs. Training montage is optional, but the old man Irish ringside coach is not. With a romantic ending somehow occurring, where they make sweet forbidden love to each other and afterwards build a relationship based on arguing who left the toilet seat up, despite the fact that they're both male. Like a harlequin romance written by a grumpy needlessly contrary librarian.
Well, I had a rather strange dream. It was that I was playing a game of D&D with friends, an oddity to begin with seeing as I have no fucking clue how the hell D&D works. Continuing on, for some reason, my character was named, of all things, "Jesus".

He was a grizzly bear.

Made out of solid beer.

He spent the whole of combat convincing enemies to walk into enclosed spaces.

Why? Because his sole ability was that, if someone enters an enclosed space, he could seal it perfectly and instantly perform a closed-room murder. In addition to that, when the clawed and mauled corpse is inevitably found, it would always, for some obscure reason, be naked and any autopsy or autopsy-equivalent performed upon it would indicate that the cause of death was AIDS. Throat clawed out? AIDS did it. Cleanly bisected? AIDS of course. Vivisected, gutted, mauled, perforated, torn to shreds and clawed for good measure? Without a doubt, the symptoms of AIDS.
Quote from: Yoda: Dark Rendevous
"So be angry about that!" Dooku said. "Hate! Rage! Despair! Allow yourself, just once, to stop playing at the game of Jedi Knight, and admit to what you have always known; you are alone, and you are great, and when world strikes you it is better to strike back than to turn your cheek. Feel, Yoda! I can feel the darkness rising in you. Here, in this place, be honest for once and feel the truth about yourself."

At this moment Yoda turned, and Dooku gasped. Whether it was the play of the holomonitors, beaming their views of bleak space and distance battles, or some other trick of the light, Yoda's face was deeply hidden in the shadows, mottled black and blue, so that for one terrible instant he looked exactly like Darth Sidious. Or rather, it was Yoda as he might have been, or could yet become: a Yoda gone rotten, a Yoda whose awesome power had been utterly unleashed by the power of the dark side. In a flash Dooku saw how foolish he had been, trying to urge the old Master to the dark side. If Yoda ever turned that way, Sidious himself would be annihilated. The Universe had yet to compehend the kind of evil that a Jedi Knight of nearly nine hundred years could wield.
Evil Buddha vs Ricky Martin; sex off of the milennium.
Quote from: the internet regarding Robert Baratheon
Why not? Actually performing our duties as sovereign is a refreshing change, don't you think?

 Regarding end goals, however, I think we should rank them in order of prioritization.

 For example;

 1. Survive.

 999. Unite Westeros in the mailed fist of Bourbon style absolutism with God-King Baratheon at the head, founding an empire to last a thousand years as our zeppelins and clockwork legions begin the invasion of the Free Cities whilst the Wall is upgraded with flame throwers and Gatling cannons under the watchful eye of Primarch Stark.
Simple: We ban virginity!
So your head didn't explode or anything, it got literally shot off in one piece from your body.

Then you used the space magic implants in your head to blow up an entire spaceship.

God bless this game.
Being decapitated just made him angry.
Note to self: don't stab people in the face, lest I be godwinned.
That sounds like the type of thing any intelligent person would shoot on sight.
Good thing he works for ARM!
Sigtext part 2
« Last Edit: April 13, 2015, 04:01:07 am by Xantalos »
Sig! Onol
Quote from: BFEL
Quote from: Toaster
((The Xantalos Die: [1, 1, 1, 6, 6, 6]))


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #169 on: September 01, 2012, 09:02:32 am »

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
« Last Edit: July 29, 2013, 06:07:44 pm by arclance »
I think that might be one of the most dwarfen contraptions I've ever seen the blueprints of.
The Bloodwinery v1.3.1 | Dwarven Lamination v1.5 | Tileset Resizer v2.5 - Mac Beta Tester Needed


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #170 on: October 13, 2012, 12:33:20 am »

I like how the vast majority of recent quotes here are from the Battlefailed series. We have done something truly remarkable.

I also like how a good number of those quotes involve me, but that's just my ego speaking.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #171 on: November 02, 2012, 05:16:18 pm »

Sig Storage to keep them cozy and warm.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
So, yeah, a stack of 2000 copper coins covered in vile ash that makes you vomit blood to death is my signature weapon.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #172 on: November 07, 2012, 01:14:09 pm »

Rather than dump it its here!

-pisskop's Creatures
-New Seasonal Crops

I'll remove some of the beds, and replace with cage traps. Those who do not sleep in bed will be caught.

Also because dwarf.

Quote from: Gavrilo Princip
Fuck Dwarf Fortress. That shit is ridiculously hard. Like nipples on a blind lesbian in a fish market hard.

Quote from: khearn
Obviously the goblins kidnapped a couple of zombie babies and raised them.

- - - - -

Spoiler: You Feel Uneasy (click to show/hide)

McEngravi's Book of Duck

Osta Demonchuncks breaks the world!

Lisid Wordylions

The Last Fort! [/FIN]

How to empty a necromancer tower

- - - - -

I figure I'm going to also keep quick links to fun on-site topics here. . . for my own reference.

- - - - -

Cancer never dies
« Last Edit: May 27, 2018, 06:25:42 am by pisskop »
Pisskop's Reblancing Mod - A C:DDA Mod to make life a little (lot) more brutal!
drealmerz7 - pk was supreme pick for traitor too I think, and because of how it all is and pk is he is just feeding into the trollfucking so well.
PKs DF Mod!


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #173 on: November 09, 2012, 12:00:36 pm »

I'm too scared to check the save. Someone tell me what I did.

Bay12 is the only place I know of where someone can say "Yeah... So I'm going to change the trees..." and the response they are met with is "WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!11! WEAPONIZE! MAGMAAAAA!!!1!!"

I googled 'beheading facepalm' in hopes of finding a gif of someone facepalming so hard their head flies off and the first result was this forum.

Just build an ice fortress in a temperate biome. Tell nature to go home and get a new job.

Quote from: Dwarfotaur
Everytime one of my militia has given birth in the Danger Room, it's lead to instant baby smoothies for everyone.

Listen, can we work on a compromise? Can we unfuck the one with the strange mood, and leave the other guy there?

If the devil gave johnny his golden fiddle via minecart moving at mach 2, that song would've been way more interesting.

El Presidente, meanwhile, got bored of smashing the skeleton with her warhammer and instead CHEWED APART ITS SPINE.


it's good for you.

Ah, yes, I thought something was amiss. Now I see. There's not enough terrible things in the lakes.

Ascend to godhood and kill my enemies. Or just kill my enemies if I don't ascend.
(6) ....    Fine, you ascend to godhood. Prick.

I just kind of think there's a theoretical crazy threshold where I can finally out-crazy everyone but then the one guy comes along who knows how to reverse backslide tripledecode cryptpop and everything is ruined


my queen keeps in mandating slabs so i use them in my cave in traps

I'd make a slab for the queen and use her in the trap instead.

I'm quite literally including it solely to see if metamorphic, aquifer stone will flood caverns. Mwehehehehe.....

Noooo! The cave mold! You monster  :'(

I wonder whether we can stuff Oric into our inventory. How many inventory slots do we need in order to kidnap people?

Aseaheru, check that caravan for burning doom coal.
« Last Edit: October 08, 2013, 03:27:30 pm by laularukyrumo »
Quote from: Dwarfotaur
Everytime one of my militia has given birth in the Danger Room, it's lead to instant baby smoothies for everyone.

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Dat Sig Thread


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #174 on: November 14, 2012, 10:26:22 pm »

Seems I need one of these now

... or just being active in parts of the forum one doesn't frequent. I'm sure there's folks that've been bumming around FG&RP for the last eight years I've never seen, ferex.

And indeed, there's relatively little overlap between Zrk and Ant or Squeeg. Not terribly surprising.

It's actually pretty easy to just never see some people, if you don't frequent certain parts of the forum, or come around at different times, etc., etc.

(removed ensuing trouble before it ensued too badly...  please remember to be chill in the face of adversity in order to have a better day and so that other people on the forum can have better days too)

We must feast on quark meat and dwarf eggs.

It's funny because bears eat fish and fish sometimes contain eggs which is what caviar is made out of so it's actually literally true in the sense that the proteins and lipids from the caviar they eat is what goes into making the bear's body tissues but also works as a tangential reference to that one line from Castlevania about people being miserable piles of secrets except for that people don't live on a diet of secrets or make their bodies out of them which makes it pretty hard to equate the two unless you are referring to a diet of secrets in a metaphorical sense in which we gather and trade secrets all the time as a fundamental aspect of human social interaction which I guess depending on if you define man as the personality that man possesses means that you could make the argument that we compose ourselves of the secrets which we keep to ourselves or something along those lines which is a pretty long stretch but I suppose that's irrelevant to the fact that the joke wasn't about the original joke but was rather a silly tangential thing which possibly had a non-sequitur answer as the joke in which case I missed the point entirely due to the obscurity of the nature of the humor behind it so I suppose you could say this joke was a miserable pile of secrets actually.

I don't even know what faction I'm supposed to be fighting for. I jump around all three like a hyperactive monkey.

That is because you are the chosen one! Destined to grow into the hero that shall unite the warring factions of Bay12 and lead them in holy crusade against the minecraft forums!
Nah I'm just gonna go on tumblr while you guys bicker and quarrel.
Well shit. So much for the crusade.
*Throws down hat in disgust*

Other people need drugs to see things that aren't there. Those people are weak.

Congratulations, you win the Most Arrogant Forumer Award! GreatWyrmGold grinds his teeth with the force of a thousand irate dragons as his treasure is stolen away! What do you do?
Alchemy is called chemistry
The study of possession is now psychology
Herbalism has become medicine
Half of Magic is called physics - influencing and discovering the world through gestures and rituals
The other half is called literacy (or art, if you prefer) - influencing and discovering the world through symbols, images, and grammars
Oracles have been replaced by Economists, though one could argue efficacy hasn't actually improved here.

E5: Well, my impression by the end of episode 4 is that this is going to end up as a stealthy aesop about a young man's struggle with his hair fetish. Hidden title: "Gundam Reconguista in G: Problems With Paraphilia."

Side characters are the young lady's previously forbidden lust for a now-dead much older man, and a younger lady's evident infatuation with electra complex for a giant humanoid war machine. I can only assume the other pink haired one has something going on with the haro.

"P... please, miss Monday. Don't... don't do that to the gundam."

"Papa! Papa!"

"Oh god."

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧\(^o^)/*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Get fucked! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧\(^o^)/*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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It's FEF, not FEOF


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GreatWyrmGold's Absurd Sigtext, Pt I: The Sig Menace
« Reply #175 on: December 07, 2012, 07:30:07 am »

I'll take a sigtext as well. Even though I don't have much to put in it yet. Eh, I've got a lot way too many by now.

Spoiler: Ha ha! (click to show/hide)

Pt II: The Sig Wars
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[GreatWyrmGold] gets a little crown. May it forever be his mark of Cain; let no one argue pointless subjects with him lest they receive the same.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #176 on: December 07, 2012, 08:42:51 am »

Might as well put one for now.
Hey! I've been sigged.
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The Age of Man is over. It is the Fire's turn now


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #177 on: December 28, 2012, 10:45:53 pm »

Oh well. I guess friendship is the answer here. I think we should talk in a calm soothing voice, talk to it about how it is being used and how this path of self destructive rage will only lead to the dark side sorrow and regret. Tell it that all it needs is a friend, a family and we're willing to be that family. Approach slowly, arm extended in a fist, assuring it it's OK, that it's safe now and everything's gonna be fine. Pet it slowly. Then give it a hug. Then bite it in its now exposed and in range neck, rip its fucking throat off, rip the chainguns from its sides giving one to Diane and blast our way through the rest of the facility. This is an obvious joke.
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A troll, most likely...But I hate not feeding the animals. Let the games begin.
Ya fuckin' wanker.   

My sigtext


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #178 on: December 31, 2012, 01:14:26 am »

...  a child dodged demons until he starved.  Not passed out, not even dehydrated.  That isn't a ninja, that's a glitch in the matrix turning one dwarf kid into Urist McNeo.
But you never see a movie where a terrible coal plant accident causes a horrible devastation, do you? Nope, everyone seems to think that nuclear plants get their energy by smacking live atomic warheads all day or something.
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But you never see a movie where a terrible coal plant accident causes a horrible devastation, do you? Nope, everyone seems to think that nuclear plants get their energy by smacking live atomic warheads all day or something.


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Re: Sigtext
« Reply #179 on: December 31, 2012, 02:29:31 am »

Yeah,I guess I can reserve a spot too for when I find more stuff.

My current projects:

The Project Showcase

A minimalistic run

My finished projects:
(this is why I am a scumbag,mostly..)
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