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Author Topic: Spinal tearing and bone shattering  (Read 2470 times)


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Spinal tearing and bone shattering
« on: October 07, 2011, 09:17:21 am »

I've been messing around with wrestler adventurers and whip-based adventurers, and I've been noticing that my concept of what spinal tearing and bone shattering actually imply is off considerably. For example, if I shatter an individual's limb, that limb is apparently still usable. The same is true of their whole body after an upper spine tear; it would appear that while they cannot grasp, they can still attack somehow.

My question, then is what they actually do. When, for example, a human's upper spine is torn, what does that do to that human? Similarly, when a human's upper arm is shattered, what does that mean for its health?


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Re: Spinal tearing and bone shattering
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2011, 09:34:43 am »

Getting your spine smashed is generally bad news, since even a damaged lower spine will render you permanently unable to stand. Mid spine probably stops your arms too (and maybe lungs, not quite sure), while upper spine renders you totally paralyzed. This is bad, because although you can snail around and push people, you're unable to breathe and will suffocate shortly. Not to mention that pushing is a terrible attack and probably won't cause any damage barring an adult dragon rolling over you.

Shattering bones in limbs doesn't actually do anything, except from causing extreme pain and minor bleeding (as with all other bone fractures), unless you hit some nerves or cut the limb off entirely (which won't happen with blunt weapons). Smashing hands and feet, however, is quite effective, since it renders these bodyparts unusable. Limbs are mainly for the pain though.
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