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[0.31.01] Crash on site finder

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Urist McDepravity:
When i run [f]inder with following settings game crashes on about 100th/257 region:
Rain - High
Drainage - Low
Flux - Yes
Aquifer - No
River - Yes

Region save

I had a crash on site finder with:

evil low

flux yes

aquifer no

otherwise unchanged

Also had a crash with the finder,

X Dimension - 6
Y Dimension - 6
flux - yes
river - yes

rest N/A

257x257 world
defaul size area

Options: flux, river, no aquifer.

Crashed after about ~30 minutes of searching.

Crashed from site finder..  on 1/257

Custom Setting Changes:

Kobolds set to [BONECARN][NO_DRINK][NO_EAT]

Finder Settings don't matter, it crashes regardless of the settings.


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