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Author Topic: The Story of Kivish Tosidshrir  (Read 1106 times)


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The Story of Kivish Tosidshrir
« on: October 03, 2010, 04:05:11 pm »

(Based on true events. I split it into smaller paragraphs for easier reading.)

The Story of Kivish Tosidshrir

Born before the dwarven calendar was taken into use, Kivish Tosidshrir was a dwarf of no specific standing. In fact, he was looked quite unfavourably upon by the rest of the dwarves due to his low caste. He was a peasant. A lowly, unimportant peasant. But as fortune would have it, even the lowest of peasants can rise to become heroes in the world that is Smata Eno.

His life before arriving in Umomkenis is shrouded with mystery. It is assumed he was born to a working class family, and that he planned to take up his fathers mantle as a grower in this new and mysterious settlement.
Arriving sometime in 31, only months after Umomkenis(or "Darkmeadow" in the Human tongue) was founded, the young Kivish found himself at odds with the ruler at the time, Mayor Ral Kegetholon. Kegetholon had been elected solely based on his status as the Hero of Darkmeadow, after saving the settlement from a troglodyte, and later a Gorlak.

Kegetholon was a fierce, but just, ruler. He didn't issue many construction orders, and was generally known to hide in his quarters whenever his work day was over. He rarely visited the booze stock, and delegated most tasks to his manager, Olon Zursluzol. As luck would have it, Olon Zursluzol would become instrumental in the success of the mere farmer.
Days passed into weeks, and weeks into months. Before long, a year had passed and the crime was on the rise. One late evening on a cold spring night, Zursluzol was going over the past days events. He happened to notice a name he hadn't seen before; Kivish Tosidshrir. A farmer, but no one in specific? Unlike the rest of the dwarves, he wasn't on the fields day in and day out. He spent most of his time admiring the metalsmith doing his work.

Then it struck Zursluzol: a captain of the guard was what Umomkenis needed. He immediately sent an emissary to the quarters of Kivish Tosidshrir. A few minutes later, he returned.
"Aye, ye must've quite the dreams, don't ye?" Zursluzol inquired as he stroked his beard.
The farmer shrugged, unsure of what to do. "I dunnae know, Sire."
Then the manager placed a blade on the table. Pure silver. Not useful in a fight, but nonetheless a symbol of status. He gestured towards it.
"Pick it up."

Doing as he was bid, Kivish inspected the blade closely. It was forged from the pure silver, exclusive to the legendary mines of Umomkenis. He placed it back on the table, a part of him confused, another hoping for his dream to become reality.
"That blade, me good friend, is yers to command. I name ye Captain of the Guard, Kivish Tosidshrir. Whether ye like it or not!"
Before he had uttered a word, Kivish was pushed out of the chamber. His new rank gave him access to the newly constructed jail, and the ability to exact justice upon the criminals that plagued Umomkenis.

The days that followed were tough. The first criminal arrested was Tun Logemsavot, a mere Fish Cleaner from the surface. He didn't last long, as Kegetholon had a very harsh way of teaching criminals justice; thirst. Tun Logemsavot passed away within the month, leaving a scar on the mind of Kivish Tosidshrir. Unsatisfied with the treatment of the criminals, the newly promoted captain decided to file a complaint against Kegetholon. The mayor, who had recently suffered severe trauma from a Kobold attack on his family, was incapable of reaching into his usually just soul, and charged Captain Tosidshrir with obstruction of justice.

The following months were tough. Kivish was left in the golden chains in his own jail, begging to be heard from the mad mayor. But Kegetholon was a hero; who would listen to the mere farmer?
But the mayors condition improved, and after several months he retracted his sentence and issued an official apology to the captain. He was reinstated, and given command of the "Constructs of Air", the first official militia in Umomkenis. With his new team of soldiers, Kivish spent years training. In fact, he became quite proficient in his use of a battle axe.

Then the day of the trial came: a human caravan had been spotted passing through the wilds. They were black market traders, and Kegetholon wanted them stopped, even if the humans would disagree. It was in the summer of 35, and the sun was baking the grass beneath the sturdy dwarves feet. They sat in the courtyard of their fortress, waiting patiently as the caravan silently rolled across the bridge. Then they struck.
Kivish Tosidshrir headed the charge, striking at the human bowmen. He got one, then another. The rest of his team sent the remaining humans scrambling for their lives. The goods of the caravan now belonged to the proud dwarves of Umomkenis; the first victory had been won.

"Our miners 'ave experienced probl'ms, Kivish. There be beasts in the caverns, they slaughtered a miner t'at ventured too far."
Kegetholon's eyes were full of fury. He knew this was an impossible task, even for a team well equipped. Himself, Kegetholon had an entire set of pure adamantine armour and a short sword for defence. But he wasn't without heart, and he had ordered relics to be forged from the same vein. The relics, two adamantine battle axes and some armour pieces, had been distributed among the "Constructs of Air".
"I shall 'ake care of it, Sire."
Kivish was loyal, but no fool. He knew his team was unprepared, and the entire mission rested on his shoulders.

As the squad of eight walked down the gloomy corridors, Kivish looked over his shoulder. He smiled, beaming with confidence. "Dunnae worry ye heads, mates. Ah'll getcha outta here, dun worrae!"
Did he believed it? Did it matter? He knew he had to do something before more casualties were caused by the beasts. The dwarves had named them Tholom, Ustru, Osnusm, and Emoru the Pebble of Reigning. They were dreadful creatures, from the darkest corners of Smata Eno. Was Kivish afraid? Possibly, but he knew they were the last frontier.

The wooden palisade creaked as it was pushed aside. There was a foul air in the cavern, but no sign of the beasts. Throwing his torch ahead, Kivish gestured for his team to move in.
Then it was sighted: two yellow glowing eyes in the tunnel ahead. A scream rent the air as Ustru charged at the group, closely followed by Osnusm. Kivish was thrown aside, and the beasts leaped at Zulban Em, the lieutenant. Zulban fended off the strong creature with his silver hammer as the rest of the team scrambled in the darkness for their weapons.
Kivish Tosidshrir knew he only had one chance. He grasped his adamantine battle axe tightly, lunging at Ustru. With a single slash, the large creature was cut in half. Its kin, Osnusm, was enraged and charged at the dwarf. But Kivish was ready, and another slice in the opposite direction laid down Osnusm.
But the third beast, Tholom, had prepared an ambush and dropped from its point in the ceiling. It pinned the dwarven captain to the ground, slashing at his face with its claws. With much effort, the dwarf managed to grasp his battle axe once more and behead the creature.

The battle was over. Three beasts, strong as the side of the mountain itself, lay dead on the damp cavern floor. With much back patting, the team was about to head back into the fortress when a growl rend the air from the darkness behind them: they had forgotten someone. Emoru the Pebble of Reigning charged, its large scales glistening with cave water. It sliced up the black bear leather coat Kivish was wearing, throwing him over its back. With its mighty tail, it incapacitated the rest of the team. An intelligent being, it had observed the fight closely from its spot in the dark tunnels. It knew what to fear. It approached the dwarven captain slowly, each footstep causing the ground to quake.
"A'm nae afraid o' ye, beast!" Kivish exclaimed. He threw his axe, still clutched in his hand, with all his might. The shaft stayed in his hand, but the adamantine head detached itself and embedded itself deep in the forgotten beast. For a moment, time appeared to stand still. Had it been done? Was the fight over?
Then the beast fell, and all blacked out for the dwarven captain.

"Ye said 'Dunnae worrae,' cap'n. We did worrae, but ye saved us." Zulban noted to the waking captain. Bandages, used and new, lay scattered across the hospital floor. The broken axe head was on a table by his bedside, but he was still clutching the shaft tightly as he uttered some unintelligible words. In one movement, he grabbed the axe head and the shaft, and leapt out of his bed. In a single run, Kivish Tosidshrir jumped onto the lowered drawbridge outside Umomkenis. He shouted in a voice and tone that could be heard across the mountain;
"I am Kivish Tosidshrir Ekastrazot, and this is mae axe, Alekoshosh!"
And thus, Kivish Armorquake the Safe Raptor was born...


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Re: The Story of Kivish Tosidshrir
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2010, 10:36:43 pm »

...friggin' EPIC.


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Re: The Story of Kivish Tosidshrir
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2010, 11:28:34 pm »

An Excellent read.