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Author Topic: The mightiest warrior of Razorcrowded, Dwarven Settlement of the Hills.  (Read 25623 times)


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(apologies if this is the wrong forum)

Up from the shallow waters some 159 levels below ground level rose TARITHA NUNORECETHUTHA, FORGOTTEN BEAST. Towering over the average dwarf, it was a giant sauropod with a small trunk upon its skinless visage. It belched deadly freezing dust as it turned its gaze toward the nearby exposed staircase, the corner of which allowed access to its creator's mighty fortress of 90 strong dwarven fighters, lovers, and craftsmen. Children roamed the elegantly engraved and carved halls while several levels of industry churned out goods for the caravans to trade.

Slowly it moved toward the exposed staircase, striding with purpose and a bloodlust unseen for 451 years. As it neared, it heard the sounds of a magma forge in operation, its user engaged in forging an adamantine battle axe, destined to be used to hack at the necks of countless goblin foes. Unfortunately, destiny was not to be fulfilled this day, save by one being.
As the forgotten beast blasted the blacksmith into the pools of magma with its freezing breath, a scrappily clad militia composed of 16 battle hardened dwarves and 20 civilian wrestlers descended upon the beast. Taritha sustained damage to three of her legs, causing her to fall over periodically, but she was still able to wrestle a dozen other dwarves into the nearby underground pool, drowning them. The dwarven numbers had dwindled to 20 as the dwarves above began fighting in throes of melancholy, attacking each other in great depression and rage. Many locked themselves in their rooms and starved to death, weeping.

A stray kitten began to inch its way down the great staircase. It heard the cries of war dogs, dwarves and horses alike. It saw Taritha, collapsed on three of her legs, panting and pale.

She swipes! The forgotten beast jumps away!

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This forum relates to the DF's predecessor - the correct forum would be Community Games & Stories or Dwarf Mode Discussion.


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