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Author Topic: Starting construction strategies  (Read 1300 times)


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Starting construction strategies
« on: May 18, 2010, 02:50:22 pm »

So it seems that whenever I start a fort I am faced with later difficulties from it.

I eventually want a grand atrium/ entrance with compartmentalized stair/rampways (prevents forgotten beasts from getting in from below). What I'm able to start constructing immediately is anything but.... If I take too long, my economy is stalled and sooner or later (typically sooner) goblins come. Goblins are now a huge threat thanks to a bug making all armor as strong as steel (See Capt Duck's new videos). Did I mention I have no armor at this point because I can't get a respectable magma forge up? Yeah.... As the Capt shows, unarmed, unarmored, uncombat trained starting Dwarves v. armed, armored, and combat trained Goblins die easily and quickly.

This got me thinking, why not build an original fort only meant to be used for a limited time and later integrate it into the overall fort design as an exterior tower, etc? I imagine zones/burrows would need to be redone as well as stockpiles etc.

Does anyone have any experience doing this?
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