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Author Topic: How does combat targeting work?  (Read 957 times)


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How does combat targeting work?
« on: June 28, 2020, 08:41:49 pm »

For instance, I made a mushroom man who has a cap that is 21% of his body size, yet the cap only got targeted in 15 out of 101 strikes that landed. The head and everything connected to it (one of which is the cap) make up 45% of the total body size. However, when narrowing down attacks to only those attempted at the head and things connected to the head, the cap takes 55% of hits, 15 of 27. When only looking at the head and everything connected to it, the cap makes up 47% of the size. If we ignore all the untargetable parts of the head and its constituents, the cap makes up 57% of that size, so now it makes sense that it takes 55% of the hits in this one sample. But why does the head in its entirety only recieve 27% of hits when it makes up 45% of the body? Why does it only take 27% of the hits when it makes up 50% of the targetable body?

size numbers:

targetable head:930 (2180 with cap)
untargetable head:1407 (2657 with cap)
targetable rest of the body:2128
untargetable rest of the body:3193

Actually, I just remembered that the cap is supposed to have 95% coverage of the gills, which have a size of 400, so in reality the cap should have taken 75% of hits to the head. I think I'm just going to throw my hands up in the air and say screw it, and just give the cap a shitload of coverage on all body parts instead of figuring this crap out.

another edit: adding 100% head and upperbody coverage to the cap didn't do anything either. whatever.
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