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Author Topic: A Dwarven Diary  (Read 4621 times)


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A Dwarven Diary
« on: May 10, 2011, 04:06:14 pm »

What would a dwarf's diary look like, assuming it was written in a similar way to their descriptions and such? Come on people, lavish your skill and wit!

I have been content lately. I participated in the slaughter of elf merchants lately. I saw a statue of me running away from a fly recently. I created a load of useless crafts recently. I slaughtered a kitten lately. I'm upset by the same booze. I'm upset by the lack of !!socks!!. I managed to build a floodgate from the wrong side recently...
I think it's the way towns develop now. In the beginning, people move into a town. Then they start producing tables, which results in more and more tables. Soon tables represent a significant portion of the population, they start lobbying for new laws and regulations, putting people to greater and greater disadvantage...
Link for full quote. 'tis mighty funny.