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Author Topic: Arcana Fate: A Tarot Game  (Read 930 times)


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Arcana Fate: A Tarot Game
« on: July 01, 2010, 04:05:22 pm »

Gripped by a Strange Mood last night, I broke out my old Rider-Waite tarot deck (never liked the art style, so it's been gathering dust for years) and made a little game from their bastardized symbolism. The result is this:

I've played three test games, each unfolding differently. There's a decent amount of strategy involved. The biggest barrier is looking up each Major arcana's effects (they each have an inverted and upright effect) and keeping track of the ones in play. It should all fit on a single piece of paper two-sided if it's formatted properly. For those with, this file is formatted ok for standard printer paper.

This is Revision 1.1 of the rules. Anyone with a Tarot deck want to test it out?
Rev 1.1: Fixed a few silly omissions, increased clarity of rules in general.
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