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Author Topic: [0.44.12] Folk of the Wilderness  (Read 928 times)


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[0.44.12] Folk of the Wilderness
« on: November 04, 2018, 03:02:50 pm »

Folk of the Wilderness

This mod adds new intelligent races to Dwarf Fortress - but not as major cultures with their own civilizations. Instead, they live as tribes in the wilderness. A few individuals may join the nations of dwarves, elves, humans, and goblins. These new races are playable in Adventure mode, and may sometimes visit you in Fortress mode.

The wilderness races

A creature in the shape of a horse with a human upper body in place of a head.
Centaurs live in savage grasslands and savannas. Their size and speed make them capable fighters.

Dark elf
A medium-sized creature with a hatred of nature, and the elves who dwell there.
Dark elves live in savage deserts, wastelands, and badlands. They despise elves of the forest, and can lay curses upon them.

A forest spirit in the shape of a humanoid tree, with leaves in place of hair.
Dryads live in savage forests. Their tree-like nature gives them certain odd qualities, such as not needing to eat (only drink) and being able to float on water.

A small humanoid creature. They are very friendly, spreading happiness wherever they go.
Halflings live in savage shrublands. Any city or fortress would be happy to have a resident halfling, as their cheerful nature lightens the mood of anyone they meet.

A creature resembling a large goblin, driven by its mischievous will.
Hobgoblins live in savage wetlands. They can sneak past any traps and pick any lock, all the better to cause mischief.

A large humanoid creature driven by rage and desire for combat.
Orcs live in savage mountains and badlands. They are big, strong, and learn any fighting skill quickly, but their occasional bouts of rage make them troublesome allies.

Mountain gnome
A tiny, jolly humanoid creature that dwells in the fair mountains. They are known to enjoy drinking liquor and don't care whether it's theirs or not.
This is the mountain gnome from the base game, tweaked so it may join civilizations and to make it playable in Adventure mode.

Dark gnome
A tiny, foul-tempered humanoid creature that dwells in the evil mountains.  They are known to enjoy drinking liquor and will take any unguarded supplies of booze.
This is the dark gnome from the base game, tweaked so it may join civilizations and to make it playable in Adventure mode.


There are two versions of this mod. One removes the standard aboveground animalpeople, and the other keeps them.

Folk of the Wilderness (Animalpeople removed) - This version removes the standard animalpeople so the new races will show up more often. Note that animalpeople from below ground are not removed.

Folk of the Wilderness (Animalpeople kept) - This version keeps all animalpeople. The new races won't show up as often in this version. Mountain and dark gnomes are unchanged in this version, for better compatibility with other mods.


Unzip the folder and copy the raw and data folders into your main DF folder. If you are using the version of the mod that removes animalpeople, this will cause 23 files to be overwritten.


Folk of the Wilderness (either version) is compatible with my other mod, All Races Playable.

The version of this mod that removes animalpeople should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change the 23 files it replaces. (See the spoiler below for a full list.) The version that keeps animalpeople is just an add-on, and should be compatible with any mod that isn't a total conversion mod.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

More races!

I'm open to suggestions about more races to add to this mod! I'm trying to keep the race list "generic", by which I mean creatures that aren't heavily associated with one particular mythology or fantasy IP, and at the same time not original inventions either. If you have any ideas, post them!
All Races Playable Mod - Minimal mod to play as any race in DF - For 0.44.12


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Re: [0.44.12] Folk of the Wilderness
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2018, 09:59:56 am »

Maybe try more types of elves

Like, Blood, High, Savage Wood

And maybe leprechauns that grant a permanent stat boost if you catch em
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