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Author Topic: [0.44.12+] Fortress Defense Mod II R v21: Progress Trigger and Bug Fixes!  (Read 263128 times)


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Re: [0.44.12+] Fortress Defense Mod II R v21: Progress Trigger and Bug Fixes!
« Reply #1185 on: October 27, 2019, 05:08:33 pm »

This will perhaps come across as a dumb question, but can badgermen teleport or quantum-tunnel?

I had a situation (I will include a screenshot) where there was a greater badgerman siege going on. I had my gates up, but realizing that creatures *can* climb walls, I had packs of wardogs in my courtyard and traps at the entrance of my underground base as first defence/alarms.

Suddenly, I was getting combat notifications. There were 2 greater badgermen *in my barracks* killing my militia. Yet, the wardogs were all still in their place, there were no dead wardogs, and the cage traps were still active - I checked, greater badgermen are NOT trap avoid. Further, there is only the one way in and out of my underground area. I double and triple checked this numerous times. There is no way they could have gotten in without disturbing either the wardogs or the traps. Some of you may note that there is a set of stairs outside in the courtyard. Yep, it leads up to a secondary level on a hill. But that area is *also* closed in with walls AND has a 9 or 10 more wardogs guarding it as well - again, they are still in place and none of them are dead.

It capped off a rather frustrating in-game 15 months, and I just abandoned it to the siege with intent to go back with a new group of dwarves. Not happy though.

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