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A few notes for your bug reporting prowess:

* SEARCH FIRST! (See below.) There's a good chance your bug has been reported already - better to add your findings to an already reported bug than to post yet another duplicate.
* There is no need to 'bump' a report - Mantis isn't a forum.
* A save is pretty much always helpful (required for crashes), please upload one to the Dwarf Fortress File Depot (http://dffd.wimbli.com/).
* Besides reporting what version of the game you are using, also report what version you generated your fort under.
* Is your save SDL or Legacy, or both?
* If you have a bug related to specific part of your fortress or a workshop or even an individual dwarf, please have the save zoomed to the spot the bug seems to be taking place.
* It is extremely helpful to be able to find things via the stock screen (such as making sure you have fuel, bugged tissues, forbidden status, etc.).  Please put your bookkeepers to work:  'n'obles screen, scroll to bookkeeper, 's'ettings.
* Please set up a profile for your computer system, some problems are OS specific, etc. (Mantis:  My Account -> Profiles).
* Does your errorlog.txt, located in the root DF directory, contain any messages that might be related to your problem?
* If you are posting large text blocks (world gen parameters, raw quotes, etc.), please use a service like Pastebin.
* Hauling problems?  Check the 'j'obs screen for some info.  Also, are you using burrows?
* If you are using an older version of the game, read about changes either in the release notes.txt file (when you download a newer version), located in the root DF directory, or look at the Change Log (Mantis:  Change Log).
* For crashes, how much memory was the game using near the crash time?
* There are many common issues already accounted for, review the stickied issues first (Mantis:  View Issues, stickies will appear above a gray bar).
* If you need to reopen a bug report that is resolved, please message a Manager on the forums, being:  Footkerchief, Dwarfu, Logical2U, Knight Otu, lethosor.

* To create an inline link to a bug report, use the hash/pound key '#' before the bug report number (you do not need the leading zeros).  This will include the title of the bug report when you mouseover the link.
* To create an inline link to a note, use the tilde key '~' before the note number (you do not need the leading zeros).  This will include the name of the reporter that made the note when you mouseover the link.

Your default view is the "MY VIEW" link on the  gray menu bar.  Click on the "VIEW ISSUES" link.

Below the blue and gray criteria fields is your search box.  Type in your search terms and click the "APPLY FILTER" button.

To reset your search, look to the right hand side of the screen on the same line as the search box.  Make sure "[Reset Filter]" is selected in the drop-down box and click the "USE FILTER" button.

Thank you.

the search feature is hard to use but the top part (topical search) and you will not quite find what you look for.

I don't get the option to create a new thread to report a bug.....

Edit: May i have a confirmation email please?

I recently reported a bug that was marked as a duplicate of anther bug (and I personally do not believe it is a duplicate of the other bug)

I could be wrong, but the following note(s)


seems to indicate that returning the raws to their original state causes the crash to stop, and my crash is persistent. I have the raws in their original state and the game still crashes.

I don't mean to be a jerk and re-open the bug unless it is actually necessary, but I cannot find a way to add a note to a closed but (or to contact footkerchief directly)

I know he is on these forms a lot - perhaps he will show up and explain to me why this really is a duplicate :)

if that doesn't happen, then how would I go about adding a note to a closed bug?

Mike:  the forums have a pm/email system.  Open up his profile and click send pm.  Mantis has no message system.

Toupz:  bugs are tracked in mantis now, read the forum info.

Mods:  is there a system in place for wiping all the saves on dffd after Toady is done with them, or are we responsible for that outselves.  Dffd doesn't have infinite space...


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