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Author Topic: The Stranger - Fortress Travellers, Taverns, and Traipsing Thieves  (Read 7518 times)


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Re: The Stranger - Fortress Travellers, Taverns, and Traipsing Thieves
« Reply #45 on: September 08, 2010, 05:07:00 am »

This opens up some interesting possibilities for relations with the underground civilisations, or if you settle on the same site as a town or forest retreat. Perhaps they could be induced to trade with your fortress, or require a payment of goods before they'll allow you to dig in and around their homes. If your relations with them are good enough they might even come to your defence against invaders. Civ-relations could have an effect on this as well, as could the individual preferences of the local site leader, and relations could be soured if members of the two civilisations get into a fight.
Some human getting clobbered with a pickaxe for making a short joke and sparking a race riot would certainly be a new and entertaining form of tantrum spiral.
Never used Dwarf Therapist, mods or tilesets in all the years I've been playing.
I think Toady's confusing interface better simulates the experience of a bunch of disorganised drunken dwarves running a fort.

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