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Author Topic: Dwarven Imperialism  (Read 4625 times)


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Re: Dwarven Imperialism
« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2010, 10:14:20 am »

The part of this intrigues me is not the increased level of bureaucracy, but what this could mean for court intrigues. After all, how can you manage your kingdom when your ministers and officials are all plotting to stab each other (and the king) in the back? This would relate, of course, to in-fort factions, cults, and whatever.

By and large, yes, that's what I like about it, too.

Nothing like having more personal spies in the king's court than there are spies working for the king.  In Total War, I liked having absurd numbers of spies and assassins everywhere.  I'd go out an order assassinations not for any particular gain, but just to train my assassins to be better.  In Medieval: Total War, I got my war-mongering cardinal to be pope by simply assassinating everyone who was high enough rank to challenge his ascendance, and then having him excommunicate all the nations that got pissed at me for killing their cardinals.

Personally, I like [DF] because after climbing the damned learning cliff, I'm too elitist to consider not liking it.
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