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Author Topic: Ai To Yuuki To Kashiwa Mochi - Yet Another Puzzle Game  (Read 4708 times)


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Ai To Yuuki To Kashiwa Mochi - Yet Another Puzzle Game
« on: September 05, 2010, 06:57:30 pm »

The game's title translates into "Love, Courage, and a Leaf-Wrapped Rice Cake" download here.

When you start the program, a little box pops up asking whether you want fullscreen or not.
On the title screen, the change the music by clicking the music note and exit the game by clicking the footprints. The options from the top are "start", "rankings", and "Story".

The story is simple: The girl (Ai) wakes up in the middle of nowhere and meets up with the boy (Yuuki). And then suddenly, sweets rain from the sky.


The game's simple, but extremely difficult:
1. Rotate the sweets in the cursor by clicking. Left click to rotate counter-clockwise and right click to rotate clockwise.
2. Match up rows of the same sweets in lines of 4 or greater, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
3. The bars on the left show how much time you have remaining. Your blue bar empties first but is refilled every time you complete a combination. The orange bar drains more slowly but refills only when you make chains.
4. If you can complete a line by making only a single move, you create a chain. Chain chains for combo bonuses.
5. Some tiles can't be removed normally, you can throw those off the bottom of the screen by rotating them so they fall through the bottom of the table.
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