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Author Topic: Things that made you go "WTF?" today o_O  (Read 5876573 times)


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Re: Things that made you go "WTF?" today o_O
« Reply #147150 on: Today at 12:05:47 am »

Huh. Just noticed slay the spire's creator has explicitly acknowledged the reach heaven/through violence card is a kill six billion demons reference. Apparently they're actually a fan.

... I guess it's not that outlandish, really. KSBD's pretty well known. Next thing I know it'll be oglaf references or something, somewhere odd. I still get a bit of a chuckle at the Devil Went Down to Georgia nod in one of the Avernum games...
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Re: Things that made you go "WTF?" today o_O
« Reply #147151 on: Today at 08:09:19 am »

If DF dorfs were actually alive, then it's not just unethical to hurt them deliberately, we'd now have a ethical Trolley Problem, since the same harm can come to them with you not actually doing anything, just observing. If you left the machine running as the goblins invaded and killed everyone then you're just as guilty as someone who deliberately tortured the dwarves, since you could have stopped it.

You could avoid it by not running DF at all, I suppose.

I wonder if PETD guy is originally from that "is playing DF ethical thread" that got locked a while ago.
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