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Author Topic: Can't sleep, experienced something strange  (Read 3101 times)


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Re: Can't sleep, experienced something strange
« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2010, 09:32:47 am »

I've glitched into those before without meditation.  Happens sometimes when I die in a dream and don't wake up, something about part of the brain saying "no relevant input" but another part saying "THIS IS SO REAL MAN".  I would say that's an excellent starting point for research--but getting there is super hard because if you try to lucid dream it, you break it (because you're providing [semi-]conscious input).  It is an EXCELLENT sensation once you get used to it.  It can feel like it lasts forever, and it is so relaxing especially if it lasts a long time (with real-world minutes multiplied by perceived eons.  Don't fear it.  Accept it as something that happens and be willing to explore all that it contains, you might learn a lot about yourself in that blank space.
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