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Author Topic: No Man's Sky - NEXT is out!  (Read 8566 times)


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Re: No Man's Sky - NEXT is out!
« Reply #150 on: April 01, 2019, 10:10:43 am »

One thing that really does get to me is the long as hell seemingly un-skipable game start animation bit, you wake up on the planet and sit there staring at the screen while the game slowly and painfully goes through your suit systems.
Naturally your hazard shield is draining the whole time.

[...] jumped out of the fighter to go find some oxygen... and died. no explanation, not sure what happened there, maybe my health bottomed out during the previous excursion and I didn't realize, dunno thought I would have had a little bit of time to find some red plants...
If it happened instantly, it probably wasn't due to oxygen. I'm guessing hostile plant, unless you accidentally blew yourself up with a grenade.
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Reading his name would trigger it. Thinking of him would trigger it. No other circumstances would trigger it- it was strictly related to the concept of Bill Clinton entering the conscious mind.

THE xTROLL FUR SOCKx RUSE WAS A........... DISTACTION        the carp HAVE the wagon

A wizard has turned you into a wagon. Was this inevitable (Y/y)?
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