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Author Topic: Caves of Qud: Now in Open Beta  (Read 324847 times)


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Re: Caves of Qud: Now in Open Beta
« Reply #3720 on: April 28, 2018, 07:10:36 am »

New item: telemetric visor.
    Autoexplore and creature AI now avoid spacetime vortices.
    Applicators no longer work when broken or rusted.
    Sense Psychic now has a chance to identify psychics every time you move closer to them instead of only when they move.
    Generalized artifact attunement for items like ganglionic teleprojector into a standard boot sequence and applied it to a few artifacts.
    Refreshed bio-scanning bracelets. They are now tinkerable, require an energy cell, are subject to EMP, have a boot sequence, and have new name ANSI.
    Gave Horticulturalists a solar cell to power their bio-scanning bracelets.
    Twinning lampreys are now considered psychics.
    Twinning lampreys are more proficient with their bites.
    Energy cells loaded in items you start the game with are automatically identified.
    Cybernetic implants you start the game with are automatically identified.
    Homoelectric wrist warmers can no longer be modded with the full range of armor mods.
    Fixed an issue that made phase webs stickier than intended.
    Fixed occasional cases where Precognition appeared to malfunction on NPCs.
    Fixed several instances where zones were built when it wasn't necessary to do so.
    [modding] The gases produced by the billowing conch of the Aji are now controlled by the tag DynamicObjectsTable:AjiConch.
    [modding] The interaction of gases with the Gas Generation mutation is now data-driven. See the gas object blueprints for details.
    [modding] The color of gas objects is now based on the ColorString attribute of the Gas part. The GasDamaging part no longer has a ColorString.
    [modding] The SensePsychic mutation part can now be configured with Levelable="true" if you want to make it levelable, in which case its level is added to its detection radius and the chance of identification. Specify BaseRadius="n" if you want to make its base detection radius something other than 9. You can also use the intproperty TreatAsPsychic to force Sense Psychic to sense an object even if it doesn't have mental mutations.
    [modding] Generalized the BioScanner and Inspector parts into IntPropertyChanger, which supports these properties: AffectedProperty (the name of the property on the item's wielder that gets manipulated), Amount (the amount added to the property when the property is changed; defaults to 1), ChargeUse (an amount of charge to use per turn the item is active; defaults to 1), WorksWhenHeld (works if you wield the item in a slot other than its designated armor slot, defaults to false), and MustBeUnderstood (only works if the wielder understands the item; defaults to true).
    [modding] Added a BootSequence part for adding a delay between wearing an item and being able to use it. If the item has an EnergyCellSocket, changing the cell reboots the item. EMP, Broken, and Rusted statuses also reset the boot sequence and prevent it from proceeding while they're active. Supported properties are: BootTime (the number of turns booting takes; defaults to 100), VariableBootTime (die roll, if specified then the higher of this and BootTime will be used), ReadoutInName (specifies whether to add a precise indication of remaining boot time to the item's name; defaults to false), ReadoutInDescription (specifies whether to add a precise indication of remaining boot time to the item's short description; defaults to false), TextInName (a text string to add to the item's name while booting), TextInDescription (a text string to add to the item's short description while booting), VerbOnBootInitialized (defaults to "beep"), VerbOnBootDone (defaults to "ding"), and VerbOnBootAborted (defaults to "bloop"). Right now, the BootSequence part integrates with IntPropertyChanger, Teleprojector, and DecoyHologramEmitter.


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Re: Caves of Qud: Now in Open Beta
« Reply #3721 on: May 16, 2018, 06:28:10 pm »

Damn I've only just known that full release is delayed until 2019. Not particularly surprised though, considering how much work is left, though I still was bent upon playing Qud for another 150 hours *this* year with the arrival of the final version. Sad.


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Re: Caves of Qud: Now in Open Beta
« Reply #3722 on: May 17, 2018, 02:16:41 pm »

huh, i didnt figure it would ever be really finished, like df

good to know though
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