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Author Topic: YABL (yet another buglist)  (Read 296 times)


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YABL (yet another buglist)
« on: December 09, 2006, 08:20:00 am »

Yet another buglist:

* Trolls wear narrow clothing. Goblins drop narrow quivers - should be normal.

* When a child is snatched, a message like 'Randomdorf, Child, cancels Eat: Caged'. Maybe this should not happen - it gives too much warning.

* When dwarf tantrums and 'accidentally kills someone in a fit of rage', he should not take joy in slaughter. Especially if the killed dwarf is a friend ('lost a friend to tragedy' and 'joy in slaughter').

* Sometimes dead dwarven caravan guard's icon turns from @ to normal dwarven icon.

* A caravan guard had a fight with a giant scorpion. He got his both legs chomped off up to hips (including), left arm off up to shoulder (including), lower body red, right lower arm yellow, right upper arm red, upper body brown and stomach brown. He laid unconscious on the map from autumn till next summer when goblins came to finish him off. A torso, head and a mangled arm should not survive for most of a year unattended. Plus he kept his trousers and leggings on, as they are worn on lower body. Slightly improbable.

* Should dwarves see through statues, shoot through statues without interruption (no bolts break on them), be washed through statues?

* Should marksdwarves act so realistically as snipers? I don't know if this is a feature or a bug. In above picture, the dwarf is on the ground shooting trolls. Other dwarves drop prone to shoot something, too. Are they really steadying their crossbows?

* Display bug - when a bridge over the chasm or river is destroyed in whatever way (tantrum, deconstruction), if the river has been bloody that season or someone has died on the chasm, the river or chasm looks bloody. Um, just see pictures:

* When a thief steals an artifact, the message improperly uses an article: 'A thief has stolen a Kasithromek!'.

* Dwarves can wear plate mail and chain mail simultaneously. Partly historically accurate, but causes confusion in setting armor levels.

* Some buildings require rock blocks where metal ones can do (forge, smelters, well).

* Even after being spotted by someone, snakemen do not appear in 'u'nit list. This can cause some problems in huge fortresses when you get messages about cats getting struck down and can't find where.

* Water/magma/channel interaction strikes again. (Needs testing more, but I saw it at least twice).

W - water (water channel); F - floodgate; O - open floodgate; _ - channel, . - floor.

1) Starting situation.



2) Floodgate is opened, lower channel fills with water.



3) After sending magma through lower channel. Water reaches up to it, but not in it.



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Re: YABL (yet another buglist)
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2006, 12:09:00 am »

Yeah, trolls shouldn't wear any clothing.  I'm not sure why it is giving them goblin clothing, though it's probably related to them being included in goblin armies.

As for the injured dwarf, a dwarf shouldn't be able to survive without water for a month, but it's part of the game.  When I get to infections, it should get a little worse.  That said, if nobody brought the wounded dwarf water for a year, he should have died.

Statues are "flowable", meaning water can go by them.  There isn't an intermediate state right now, so other flow-related activities apply as well.

Dwarves that are shooting on the ground just haven't taken time to stand up.  They probably had somebody to walk by earlier and then got startled by the trolls and never bothered to stand before firing.

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