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Author Topic: Bug in LCS - No meetings happening, was working fine before though  (Read 539 times)


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Strange bug that I haven't seen before:

Started a new game, played for a few months just doing minor things recruiting a few different skillled members, doing minor crimes etc.

My hacker got caught, sentanced to 3 years (a not so skilled lawyer sleeper defended him).

I went out to try recruit another programmer, and every time I got one to come back and talk, it wouldn't happen. I tried getting other members to do it, and no-one could get any meetings to work. Seduce meetings don't work either. Anyone seen this before? I've still got the save, I'll prob start again.

To be clear, I am getting the messages that someone agrees to come back and talk, and checking the status screen shows they have meetings pending before leaving the site. As soon as I leave the site, I'm back at main screen, no meetings.

Carlos Gustavos

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Could you upload the save file?