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Author Topic: Mystville [Game Thread]  (Read 34579 times)


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Re: Mystville [Game Thread]
« Reply #1770 on: May 09, 2020, 01:01:36 am »

The life of an enraged raccoon ended with a loud metallic sound. An iron clad slayer just ended a vermin's life, cleaving it in half using his newly bought voulge.

Seeing the horrible death of their friend, more raccoons had ganged up and went towards the slayer's location.

"That's right you bring it on!" He cried.

As if they understood such provocations, all of the enraged raccoons attacked the slayer and the slayer alone, they bit him and scratched him but their primitive weapons had no match to the ironclad's slayer's armor.

"Is that what you got?!" The slayer said, "is this all that you got!?"

He shoved away of the raccoons who is trying to nip his armor and then charged at each one of em.

"You may act like gawblins, but you will never be gawblins!!!"

GSH attacks raccoon 2, raccoon 4, and raccoon 6(switch targets if and only if the first raccoon target dies)

King Zultan

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Re: Mystville [Game Thread]
« Reply #1771 on: May 09, 2020, 05:23:23 am »

"Hell yeah, kill 'em little fox!"
Get the fox to finish off the one it's fighting, while Burt shoots raccoon 9 and 11.
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