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Author Topic: Add a Sentence Story  (Read 1054 times)

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Re: Add a Sentence Story
« Reply #60 on: May 10, 2020, 04:29:18 am »

On a piece of land there is a tree.
The tree is tall, broad, and has twisted branches.
It impressive height had it cast, a long shadow.
And into this shadow, grateful to be out of the light, strode a dwarf.
This dwarf's name was Urist, and he had an axe.
Now Urist, as you might not expect, did not chop down the tree.
Since, when he touched it, a small wooden bird broke free.
The wooden bird stretched its wings, then flew toward the nearby elves.
They moved away so the bird didn't hit themsilves.
But the bird was evil and it wanted to hit the elves.
And Urist wondered "Is it evil to want to hit the elves?"
No, said the dwarf when he realize that it wasn't evil to hate elves, but was in fact the natural response to being near an elf.
So Urist stretched out on the ground, ate some cheese, then closed his eyes and contemplated Murder.
And it was a beautiful murder it was.
There was blood lining the ceiling, floor and walls.
Then with a start, Urist awoke; and the groggy dwarf realized it was merely a dream.
Upon waking up, he realized he is in a dark stone room.
Fortunately, he has very good eyesight in the dark, and can see two doors: one on the left and one on the right.
The doors begin to speak.
One says "Ja" and one says "Da".
Urist realizes that the doors are speaking, he feels this isn't normal but he's not sure what to do about it.
So he asks the doors, “Do either of you know where I am?”
And the doors reply (at the same time), "Ja" and "Da".
Urist asked “am I an elf?”
And the doors replied (at the same time), "Ja" and "Da"... with a snicker.
“Say something other than Ja and Da!” The dwarf yelled frustratedly.
And one door said "Ja", but the other door said "Da", and the doors began to argue with each other!
"Would you two just shut up, I'm sick of this Ja and Da crap!" Yelled Urist who was getting pretty tired of these door's crap.
And one door said to the other door, "My, my, does it need patience!", and the other door said, "Ja!"
"So you can say something other than ja and da, why didn't you just talk when I asked?" Said Urist who was still pretty irritated at the doors.
"Because we are the Doors," said the doors, "and Dorfs are not Doors so we don't have to do anything you ask."
As the conversation continued the room became smaller and smaller and smaller until the door, the door, and the dorf were squeezed and pressed against each other and blended into a dddooooorrf.
They awaken, after a time, the dwarf mind confused about the body being made of wood and metal, the Ja door being confused about new senses and being made of metal and flesh, and the Da door being confused about being made of wood and flesh as well as the new senses.
This was a horrible sensation to them and they all hated it.
Then the room became larger and larger until "pop" the door, and "pop" the door, and "pop" the dorf all became themseparateselves again.
"That was a terrible sensation." said the dwarf, "Ja" and "Da" replied the doors.
"Now that we know each other a little bit better, can we be friends?" said Urist.
"Yes", said the red-winged black bird man who was formed by the escaped r in dddooooorrf.
Startled, Urist spun around and in his surprise nearly punched the red-winged black bird man, who cringed in fear.
"Why are you afraid of fist bird man?" Asked the dwarf.
Fist bird man said, "Don't be afraid of me. I'm here to help you."
The dwarf was startled by the appearance of the fist bird man, what a strange creature it was thought the dwarf.
“We need to exit the stone place” the first bird man explained.
"Where is the stone place?" Asked the dwarf.
“The room we’re in is stone, right?” The fist bird man asked, while looking around uncertainly to find out where they were.
"{PTW, please ignore}" said a voice from the shadows.
They looked around, no one was found, nor was there any stone around.
Door and door and red-winged black bird man and dwarf jump onto the back of fist bird man who sticks out two fingers and finger-walks away.
And after several hours of walking they come across a tree.
The tree is glowing purple.
For it is radioactive.
A calm buzzing can be heard coming from the tree.
The bird man part of the fist bird man said: "I am the arm."
The dwarf asked “The arm of what?”
"The okay arm... you might call it the arm_ok. The Fist of Armok, his will made flesh."
The much inspired dwarf subsequently turned the purple glowing tree, door, door, and red-winged black bird man into a purple glowing cabinet decorated with rings of door, bands of door, and briolette cut red-winged black bird man.
"Why did you do that to our friends?" Asked the fist bird man.
“The buzzing sings to me that objects cannot die, their souls are still inside...” the dwarf began to sing the song the buzzing makes him hear.
The three souls of the door, the door, and the red-winged black bird man dance hand in hand inside the radioactive cabinet like a group of joyous black bear cubs in an early-summer forest.
"That sounds awful, why would you do that to them?" Said the Fist bird man.
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