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It does not have a way to list by price.... unfortunately.

Someone should probably remove X-Com: The Two Sides, development stopped due to legal issues and it is no longer downloadable.


--- Quote from: Ringmaster on April 08, 2012, 02:58:40 pm ---Someone should probably remove X-Com: The Two Sides, development stopped due to legal issues and it is no longer downloadable.

--- End quote ---

Updated accordingly.

Not going to add other lists, as mentioned on the first post. Also not going to dig through lists to try to find good games. If there are one or two specifically that are worth putting on this list, then mention them individually.

Don't know if this has been mentioned yet.

Secret of Ultimate Legendary Fantasy Unleashed. (Soulfu from now on, quite the mouthfull)
Check it out at http://www.aaronbishopgames.com/

Soulfu is a free, open source game unlike any other game other than roguelike games.

Stolen directly from the manual:

SoulFu allows up to four players to play simultaneously, and USB Joysticks are recommended. Before starting, you must setup controls for each player. You'll figure it out! There are some things worth mentioning, however...
1. This game is designed to be quick to play. There is no save, F9 pauses.
2. Characters will slowly starve.
3. Most levels are randomly generated.
4. Hold the inventory button down and press other buttons to do "stuff".
5. Light damage is easy to heal, heavy wounds are not.
6. Enchantments tap mana, making it unavailable for other uses.
7. The castle still needs some work. In the training room, jump on the post to hire helpers.
8. High-level characters must be virtuous.

If riding through a dungeon in a warthog while a friend uses the chaingun, running over all types of cute and un-cute cell shaded critters is your idea of a good time, then we can hang out sometime.
You control each arm of your character, and can use swords, bows, magic, and other goodies in each hand. You also have two special attack slots that can hold your character's special abilities.

The character classes are:

If you are looking for a quick pick up and play game with beautiful graphics, try it out with some friends.

Check out the forums. http://soulfu.forumotion.com/
Some fans have even created a save-game feature.
Check there as well for info on Mac and Linux builds.

The cons:
The game is not finished, and some areas a rough around the edges. But the core game is very functional and is very fun to play!

The tool tiggit is really awesome for searching/playing free games.
It features 277 freeware games, some demos and the sorting+rating of them. It doesn't look too fancy right now, but is really easy too use.
Important: When you download it make sure you give DF 5 stars :).


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