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Author Topic: Europa Universalis IV  (Read 279699 times)


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Re: Europa Universalis IV
« Reply #3360 on: January 25, 2019, 03:35:30 am »

Yup. Because, basically, the defender in the fort already has the best defensive ground, and when a marching army enters the province and attacks your dudes, they're basically pincer'd, meaning they don't get the defender bonus.

Core Teutonic strategy, they have the most wooded forts per capita and land-mass in Northern Europe for a independent country in defense against the large bordering slavic nations. Key problem being that lacking early troop density (11 - 14  standing troops isn't shabby but isnt 20 troops either) without the wooded fortresses against larger stacks you'll have a tough time, even with +5% discipline and a nice general imparted.

My dream setup would be to put another fortress on Neumark and a forward fortress in Lithuanian lands to cover the exposed eastern grassy side but funds rarely allow it. Pomerania is reasonably easy to defend and Berlin is harder to take (more lucrative to own) for said reasons.
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