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Author Topic: Lazy Newb Pack maintained to install with current version of DF and Ubuntu 14  (Read 2890 times)


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Hey everyone,

I took it upon myself to get the Lazy Newb Pack at least installing on Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 14). I just started playing dwarf fortress the same day that I fixed the sha1sums and such, so I haven't played the game enough to be able to easily identify if something is broken. However, I am 99% sure that using the tool on a save file to upgrade would be disasterous. is where the repository is located. Please backup any save files before using this software, as I am operating blindly.

In the process, I had to remove a few graphics packs that were presenting more trouble than they were worth. My goal was to get the Lazy Newb pack working with 0.40.04, and so I prioritized graphics packs which identified themselves as having compatibility with that version (Phoebus being the only example that I have actually tried myself).

It loads Soundsense and Dwarf therapist, but since I've never used those tools, I have no idea if everything went off without a hitch.

If you have expertise in this game and the mods installed by Lazy Newb pack, maybe give it a spin and see if there are any problems I need to resolve

I'm planning on maintaining this mod pack on a limited basis. If mods break with new versions of dwarf fortress, they will be removed from the pack until they are compatible. At the very least, new players will now have an easy way to install Dwarf Fortress on Linux again.