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Author Topic: DFDrawCSV [Online Quickfort Utility]  (Read 8229 times)


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DFDrawCSV [Online Quickfort Utility]
« on: March 27, 2011, 01:56:19 am »

First version

Use it

Download it


Here is an tiny application I made in Flash, it lets you draw in a grid, and export that draw in a *.csv format, so that it can be used by QuickFort. It just let you dig, at the moment.

  • Draw using left click.
  • Delete using shift + left click.
  • Copy to clipboard pressing ctrl + s.

Features I want to implement:
  • Support all the commands that Quickfort permits.
  • Support multi-layer drawing.
  • Ability to view the fortress from left-front-top, much like 3D applications.
  • Ability to resize the grid size, and move through it, to allow drawing a full-level blueprint.
  • Basic drawing features: Undo, fill, draw shapes, selection, copy, etc.
  • Preview mode, using a selected tileset, lets you see how the fortress would look after Quickfort process the *.csv.
  • Work without Quickfort, to reduce the steps needed to make the changes. Just one button.
  • Online library, so you can share easily your templates and blueprints, from within the application.
  • And you? What do you think that would be cool to add?

Please, report any issues, and have fun.
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Re: DFDrawCSV [Online Quickfort Utility]
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2011, 03:51:07 am »

And you? What do you think that would be cool to add?

ME? Well..

Drawing tools like circles, bezier curves, and rectangles.
Multi-level feature support.
Timed building, so that once level 1 of a tower is built, it moves on to auto-designating level 2.
I like fortresses because they are still underground.