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Author Topic: Can You Get PTSD From Being A Happy Person?  (Read 1449 times)


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Can You Get PTSD From Being A Happy Person?
« on: January 24, 2021, 10:51:04 pm »

"He doesn't really care about anything anymore". My character became content several times after spamming equipping/removing well crafted glove, I rose a lot of skills by throwing shit under myself, wrestling eagles in stealth mode while being prone and stuff. I offended 2 people to become exhilarated. Only once in my not even lasting one day adventure I suffered from an injury but it was just heavy bruising in left hand caused by a wrestler. My character has the lowest stress amount in he's personality I could set while creating him.

I have noticed but don't remember that clearly if it ever happened that description with being afraid after trauma appeared shortly after the injury, not immediately. I was killing a lot of bandits but I haven't felt anything. Was causing death to them actually a traumatic experience? I designed my character to be an evil incarnate.

I haven't received "doesn't care" yet. After I leveled my wrestling and fighting few more times and killing 2 crabs I checked my character description and "doesn't care" appeared. Can you actually cause it by a lot of positive thoughts in the context of feeling so secure that you don't have to care about things? If so than that's not PTSD but I'm still not sure if you can have "doesn't care" by feeling satisfaction dozens of times in one day.

For some reason I cannot feel triumph upon killing people besides of having discord, cruelty and eagerness to fight at maximum levels of personality. Do they have to be officially my enemies?
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Does anybody know how to become an elephant man in adventure mode? I literally did all advanced world settings possible to increase chances.