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Author Topic: 'Darn Orcs' Pen and Paper RPG made by me and my friend  (Read 1039 times)


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'Darn Orcs' Pen and Paper RPG made by me and my friend
« on: May 11, 2011, 08:33:20 am »

While being bored at some kind of camp, we figured out that there was alot of paper, and that i had accidently taken my dices with me for some weird reason(I tend to stress when packing, so extreme that i pack all kinds of random crap and forget, say the toothbrush), the laptop was doing some kind of update, taking hours, and there was no internet(And we didnt want to get bored of the video games i brought with me on my flash that early) so we decided to play a game of pen and paper RPG! But because DnD is so freaking rare and expensive in our location due to !!POPWANKERSTHATTHINKNERDISABADTHING!! so we started to make our own PnPRPG up, we didnt want to spend hours writing useless rulebooks, so we did that on the fly, its was fucking awesome, we made it so there would be no need for a GM, and i always did stuff like demon summoning and he always talked about theese Orc legions invading the land, and so 'Darn Orcs' was born, (first, it was named "David og Christoffers PapirRollespil, but that is not good for a more international audience) the perfect roleplaying system for people with few to no friends, lovely. It is made so a single person can play(However in this case, it will be more boring due to having no one to hide the true identity of an item and so on) and works fine in a party of 2-4 players, (We havent tested 3 or 4 yet), it is also made so you can do other things than fighting and only that, we want it to be kinda "Simulator-ish", for example a nice loose crafting system allowing more than swords and rings to be crafted, like for example, a *demon adamantine penis sculpture of domination* if desired. Also the combat system is alot like DF(I didnt know of the way DF's combat system works at the time, tho'), allowing stuff like brutally cutting up the torso and pulling out the guts. The game worlds are drawn on that kind of paper with grids on you use in math and there are different maps, "World Map" "Area Map" "Place Map" "Wilderness Maps" and "Place Maps", wilderness maps being maps in 1:1(1cm = 1m)  of different wilderness locations, "Place Maps" being stuff like cities, dungeons and special places. Untill now we have played the game by unwritten sets of rules, changing them so they fitted to what we liked, but now, the game has a name, and is being written down. Currently the core book is incomplete and in Danish, when it is complete, we will attempt to translate it, otherwise we will release in original language and leave it to smarter danes to translate it.
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