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Author Topic: timeless caravan item selection  (Read 1008 times)


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timeless caravan item selection
« on: May 25, 2011, 08:25:59 am »

atm when the caravans come, you have to select each time again the stuff you want in your depod, and when trading you have to AGAIN select what you just selected 10 seconds ago

i suggest a new form of designation property (designation property like dump, forbid etc)

namely "designated for trade" with t/T shortcut, or some other name that works

any "designated for trade" item will be handled like dump, but dwarves will try to store it in stockpiles instead and not touch it further

once the caravan shows up any "designated for trade" flagged item will be hauled to the trade depot automatically, the old system can be used for making adjustments to the desired goods in the depod (flag new items as "designated for trade" or flag some items as one does now for only this trade in particular or de-flag them if desired)

also i suggest that depending on the traders level more or less items can be traded at one time lets say for example:

no skill

> 10 dwarfbuck in total
>1 item in total


> 15 dwarfbuck in total
>2 item in total

etc... other values could be used but id keep it quite low at first

for it to be able to be traded, if both conditions of your skill apply you need more skill, and the trade cannot be completed

this for the simple reason that trading is otherwise just "select all of worth" on sell list, "select all of interest" on buy list and trade,
now with this the trade is a minigame and the best deals within the constrains of the traders skills should be made, combining items in a trade, purchasing those 2 mediocre value items you cant use for 20 crafts each just so you can trade it back to the trader again for that anvil of 100$ together as to be able to sell and buy as much items as possible in one go so that you can get that anvil even with novice trader skill, but you will have to put some work into it

the higher your traders skill goes up, the less work you need to do for him and the easier you have it on just buying large lots of items

additionally an extra "additional options" in stockpile namely "allow designated for trade" that is automatically engaged like the other additional option fields
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Re: timeless caravan item selection
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2011, 12:20:36 pm »

The limits on the amount you could trade make no sense.  "Whelp, I could make a huge profit here that would make me a rich merchant, but you've only got dabbling skill, so, sorry!"
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Re: timeless caravan item selection
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2011, 11:39:46 am »

What you suggested are a little bit like the suggestion I am currently working on in my thread. - auction market and trade fair system.

Although I started differently and focus not because for the benefit of players, but for NPCs'. The way a place is specialized on gathering trade goods, and make a one time trade agreement is very much like ancient auction market that emerged on the crossroads outside villages.

People who lived in the village are self sustain, Only when there are surplus of products, they will carry them to the auction market. And people from neighboring villages, and travel merchants will come to the same location for auctions and bargaining.

And I suggested that this "designate market/trading zone" are not only for caravan traders, but more like a neutral zone between villages(fortress) to villages(fortress). And dwarfs can actually used their "coins" in these area only, Shops and Inns can be placed in here too. Those sitting near the large/wealth settlements or capitals will become trade fairs or official markets. The purpose for them is that the NPCs will be easier to find the commodities they needed, without magically knowing every supply/demand in each fortress. (And in game design perspective that it can reduce the search time, and in a way provide mechanism of real caravan tradings)

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