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Author Topic: The Halfway Haus of Madness, the Sequel!  (Read 112 times)


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The Halfway Haus of Madness, the Sequel!
« on: October 22, 2014, 02:17:22 pm »

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again to host the Bay12 Halfway Haus of Madness. With the sudden surge of interest in Sims LPs, I've been told numerous times that I should revive mine. So, I am. There's a catch, though: it won't be updated super-frequently, as I don't have a lot of time to myself. I'll do my best to keep up with it, but I make no promises.

Since I want the Haus to be relatable, I've invited a few very well known B12ers to be my first invitees. The crew so far is:

1: Myself
2: Possibly reserved
3: Japa
4: Sappho
5: Vector
6: Barbarossa TSG
7: RedKing
8: *OPEN*

So, I have one open spot, and I'm willing to make a waitlist and/or a be-a-background-character list. Certain things will get you priority in the list. If you're a prominent Bay12er, it will help your cause. Also, if you increase the Haus' diversity. (Having a scrawny white dude only sausagefest is no fun.) If you want to join, here's what I need: (Note: I have all of the expansion packs, so you can pick pretty much anything.)


So, how does this work?
I'll be playing one sim day at a time, trying to keep the inhabitants of the Halfway Haus from killing themselves, me, and the other residents. Each player gets one action per Sim day, and the rest is up to their virtual counterpart. Other than their one action, I will not be controlling them directly.

Will you keep track of our individual money?
I'll do my best, but no promises.

Can you win?
Absolutely, and here's how. A) You fulfill your lifetime wish. B) You make the top of any Career path. C) You master your starting skill and any two others, or hit any three skill challenges. D) You have a long history of good behaviour and show mental stability on all fronts. Fulfill any of those goals, and you win the game, move out, and let the next poor slob take your spot. You're ready to be out on your own.

What restrictions are on us?
A) You cannot leave the Haus alone. I have to be with you, and I can't leave the rest of the Haus residents alone, either. That means you all have to agree to go somewhere, or we don't go. No international travel at all.
B) You cannot be employed full time. You're in a mental institution halfway haus, after all. You may take a part time job if you desire.
C) No pets or overly dangerous things.

How do we lift those restrictions?
Restrictions a and b are pretty simple to lift. To lift restriction a, you need a Writ of Good Behaviour from me. It can be revoked at any time, so if you really want to go shopping or to the club, you need to be on your best behaviour all the time. To lift b and work full time, get a part time job and get promoted twice. That will show me that you can handle working without incident. It will also probably get you your own room. Restriction C cannot be lifted. Sorry, pet lovers.

Why a Halfway Haus of Madness?
Have you seen Bay12 lately? We're a bunch of whackjobs. Face it, we all need to be in an asylum.

What happens if I die or something?
Next person up. Your tombstone goes in the back yard (we're licensed for that), and someone else takes your spot. Tragic, but it happens sometimes.

What happens if I'm a background character?
I don't control you at all, you get no actions, and you don't live at the Halfway Haus. That said, the players can still interact with you if you show up, and I'll remove someone from the world for you to take their spot. That said, if you don't want to be in a waitlist and don't mind cameo roles, this is for you.

What neighborhood are we in?
Aurora Skies.

I'm not sure if I want to sign up, and I need more information.
Take a peek here.

Is this a Vanilla game of the Sims?
Oh, hell no. I have well over two dozen mods and hundreds of extra items and clothing pieces that I play with.

Which Lifetime Wishes are unobtainable and why?1
Need to add people/Pets to the Haus: Mosnter Maker, More than a Machine, Surrounded by Family, The Animal Rescuer, The Ark Builder, The Fairy Tale Finder, The Jockey, The Zoologist
Require travel: Great Explorer, High Tech Collector, Made the Most of My Time, Major Master, Martial Arts Master(?), Perfect Student, Seasoned Traveler
Require you to be Supernatural: Greener Gardens, Leader of the Pack, Magic Makeover, Mystic Healer, Turn the Town, Zombie Master
Buggy in general: Fashion Phenomenon, Firefighter Super Hero, Home Design Hotshot, Paranormal Profiteer, Pervasive Private Eye
Wrong neighborhood (Needs to be Isla Paradisio, we're not there):Deep Sea Diver, Grand Explorer, Resort Empire, Seaside Savior

I know that's a lot, but the way we're going to be playing is somewhat restricted.
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Re: The Halfway Haus of Madness, the Sequel!
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2014, 04:20:09 pm »

Appearance: Recent photo share here. I'm 5'10" and ~125 pounds. That picture is rather low-resolution but I do have mutton chops that extend to a point down my face between the outsides of my eyebrows and the outside corners of my eyes.

Traits: Athletic, Computer Whiz, Good, Night Owl, Workaholic

Lifetime Wish: Jack of All Trades

Favorites: Aqua, Steak, What, no power metal? Rock, I guess.

Zodiac: Scorpio

Default Action: Learn how to do something

Skill: Hopscotch Athletic works.
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Re: The Halfway Haus of Madness, the Sequel!
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2014, 04:29:09 pm »


1. Picture:
2. Traits: Natural Cook, Loves the Heat, Hydrophobic, Flirty, Hot-Headed
3. Lifetime Wish: Celebrated Five-Star Chef
4. Favorites: Irish Green, Aloo Masala Curry, Songwriter
5. Zodiac: Scorpio
6. Default action: Play video games.
7. Starting skill: Cooking

So, sort of a lecherous Gordon Ramsey wannabe.

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Re: The Halfway Haus of Madness, the Sequel!
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2014, 05:11:41 pm »

I guess I'll sign up, then.

1: Picts:
2: Traits: Absent-minded, Heavy Sleeper, Virtuoso, Loves the Cold, Ambitious
3: Wish: Swimming in Cash
4: Favs: Red, French Toast, Rock/Custom if you use it
5: Zodiac: Eh, Leo?
6: Default: Play guitar
7: Starting skill: Guitar
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Re: The Halfway Haus of Madness, the Sequel!
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2014, 06:39:03 pm »

1. Small, skinny, brown haired female. Wears trousers and long sleeved tops in dark blue, purple or black.
2. Bookworm, Childish, Eccentric, Hates the outdoors, Couch Potato
3. Professional Author
4. Aqua, Tri-tip Steak, Digitunes
5. Taurus
6. Write
7. Writing
I can read box now
Also, I am a bit drunk


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Re: The Halfway Haus of Madness, the Sequel!
« Reply #5 on: October 22, 2014, 10:15:17 pm »

1. Recent photo. I dress like a professor, or rather like someone trying to dress like a professor.
2. Traits: Grumpy, Light Sleeper, Perfectionist, Loner, Bookworm
3. Lifetime Wish: The Perfect Garden
4. Favorites: Burnt Spice, Key Lime Pie, Classical
5. Zodiac: Aquarius
6. Default action: Paint
7. Starting skill: Charisma (LOL)

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Re: The Halfway Haus of Madness, the Sequel!
« Reply #6 on: October 22, 2014, 10:21:01 pm »

PTW this.
Kaladin keeps vigil on a stony cliff.

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Re: The Halfway Haus of Madness, the Sequel!
« Reply #7 on: October 22, 2014, 11:01:10 pm »

1. Here
2. Computer Whiz, Over-Emotional, Vegetarian, Couch Potato, Bookworm
3. Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder
4. Blue, Pumpkin Pie, Rock
5. Pisces
6. Tinker
7. Handiness
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