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Author Topic: Let's Play Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User  (Read 46 times)


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Let's Play Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User
« on: October 22, 2014, 09:49:36 pm »

Title music

Welcome to this lets play of Jojo's Bizarred Adventures: The 7th Stand User. I stumbled upon the game just the other day and decided that it might make an interesting choice for an LP, escpecially considering it has multiple endings.

What the heck is this?
This is a rpgmaker fangame of the incredibly popular and longrunning manga/anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! This game follows you the protagonist, as you join the cast of Jojo Part 3: Stardust Crusaders in their quest to defeat the vampire DIO. Or not join them. It's up to you. Either way, please be aware that there will definitely be spoilers for Part 3 during this playthough.

Where can I get this game?
The fangame was made in Japan, but was recently translated into English and can be found here

Can I talk about so and so that occurs in Part uh... 6 for example?
The series itself is very old, so its pretty much ok to talk about spoilers at this point, however please be curteous and use your best judgement in proper spoiler tag application when discussing major events in future parts, for the sake of newcomers to the franchise and people who only watch the anime.

Why is this in Black and White?
Because the game's artstyle is inspired by The Final Fantasy Legend/ Makai Toshi SaGa for the Gameboy. Also to make it less awkward when frames from the manga are inserted into the game.

In any case lets move on with the show!

At this point we a brought to a menu where if we ask Speedwagon he will explain the games controls and some of the mechanics. I'll bring those up later as we encounter them.

He then asks us what difficulty level we prefer

We will be using normal mode, since that's what the game was meant to be played as.

The next step is a choice between watching the prologue or to skip straight to stand creation. Since this is an LP skipping the prologue makes no sense so of couse we'll be viewing it.

Our story begins on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean...

Crane Operator: What are you waiting for? Open it!

Man in Diving Gear: I told you! There's bound to be good stuff here, considering this is where a luxury liner went down 100 years ago...

Bald Man: Who cares!? Just hurry up and open it!!

Man in Diving Gear: Geez, calm down, I get it......Hm? That's funny... It's locked from the inside.

Bald Man: We'll force it open then! Hey, you! Grab me a blowtorch!

Bald Man: Must be the company that made the chest. Now open it already!

Got it! Finally!

Investigator: All we've found is an empty container that was left on teh deck... It seems to have been forced open with an acetylene torch... ...No clue as to the whereabout of its contents. We are requesting that a search team for the lost crewmembers be dispacted ASAP!


Investigator: This chest is made of reinforced steel, so whatever was in here had to be important... Heh... Maybe someone... or something was lurking inside... and when they opened it, it devoured them whole! ...And maybe it's still on this ship!

Investigator: ...Hm? Hey, where'd you dissapear to? C'mon, it's getting dark out!

Much later, at an airport in Japan...

And here we meet Joseph Joestar, the former protagonist of Jojo Part 2: Battle Tendency, and now a rich 67 year old Real Estate Mogul.

Holly: I'm so glad you could come, Papa!

Joseph: With my only daughter in a bind? Why, I'd cross the entire earth in 24 hours if I had to!

Holly: Hee hee! How's Mama?

Joseph: She threw a fit! But I told her that it was top secret Joestar company business... Heh heh!

Holly: Papa... Mmmmmm

Joseph: Hey! Knock it off, Holly!

Holly: Don't wanna! I haven't gotten a chance to cuddle with you in ages!

Joseph: Good grief... Do you realize how that sounds coming from a 45 year old woman?

Joseph: H-hey... Quit it!

Holly: Tickle tickle!

Joseph: Noooooooooooo!!

Everyone in the room quickly jumps and turns away from the totally ripped 2 meters tall British man being tickled by his grown daughter.

Joseph: Now then, Holly... About Jotaro...

Holly: !

Joseph: Are you sure he mentioned an... evil spirit?

Holly: ...Oh, I can't believe it! My Jotaro!

Joseph: Nobody else could see it but you?

Holly: Yeah...

Joseph: Have you been experiencing anything similarly unusual?

Holly: No, nothing like that. But listen! He says he won't leave his cell until he figures out the cause of all this!

Joseph: Now, now my darling. Now that Joseph Joestar is here to save the day, there's no cause for alarm! Now then, I'd like to meet with our Jotaro face-to-face...

The elaborately dressed man standing by the pipes walks over to Joseph...

Warden: H-he's been possessed by something terrible... and whatever it is, it's violent...! If anyone finds out about this, I'll be fired in a heartbeat...!

Joseph: Don't worry. I'll handle my grandson.

Joseph: Get out! You're coming with me!

Jotaro: Piss off. I didn't ask you to come here. You want to help me? What makes you think you can do that? Sorry you had to come all the way from New York... But I'm not leaving.

At this point I managed to fix an issue I had been having with my screen catcher program. Sorry for the abrupt change in screenshot size.

Jotaro: See that? Do you finally get it? This is my evil spirit... Don't come any closer... Unless you want to cut short what little time you have left.

(I'd clear up this little mystery for hims right now... But...! It won't do to simply explain it... He has to feel it with his own body! It's the only way to protect him from the dangers yet to come!)

Joseph: Abdul! ...It's your turn...

Jotaro: Besides... Do you really think I'd let a butt-ugly guy like that boot me out of here? Nothin you can do is going to change my mind. All you're doing is getting on my nerves.

Jotaro: ......That's not a problem.

Holly: Papa, what's going on here!?

Warden: H-hey! Keep it down!

Joseph: Quiet!

Joseph: Yes! Abdul has an 'evil spirit' just like yours! This spirit that obeys Abdul's will is called...

At this point we're given the basic set of JRPG commands. Attack, Skills, Guard, and Items.
Currently Jotaro only has 3 skills availiable. Cardiac Massage, which revives allies, Stone Toss, a weak damage dealing skill, and Loud Yell which removes confusion.

As right after we attack, Joseph explains how the distance system works. Currently Abdul is at medium distance from us, marked by an (M) next to his name. The distance of an opponent determines what kind of attacks will be most effective against them.

Jotaro: My arm... it's burning! Is this all because of that 'evil spirit'?

Abdul: Now, Jotaro! Summon your spirit as well!

Wait wait wait hold the phone! A centurion?!  What the heck?

...I don't see it.

A barrage of fists hit Abdul! Sadly I couldn't get a screenshot of the animation.

Abdul: Gah... *cough* I didn't think you'd be able to manifest it so clearly... However... You fail to grasp even the very basics of Stand combat!

Jotaro: Stand... combat?

Joseph: Jotaro! What you thought was an evil spirit is actually a powerful vision created from your own life force!

Joseph explains how using our stand costs SP, and if it runs out then Jotaro won't be able to summon it. Jotaro's stand is a close range stand so it mainly has attacks that can only be used at short range enemies. In the situation that the enemy is out of range its best to use guard and wait for the enemy to close in.

Right afterwards Abdul closes in on us.

We now have a new skill Ora-ora. It's a short range attack that takes 6 SP. It does a pretty fair amount of damage.

Abdul keeps shooting fireballs at us, doing quite a bit of damage.

In the next round our Ora Ora sends Abdul flying into a wall, canceling his attack.

Abdul responds the next round by using binds of flames on Jotaro, preventing him from making any moves. Abdul pummels him for a few turns until...

Jotaro: Rraaaaaaugh!! You know what!? Forget it!!

Warden: The... the bars opened on their own!!

Abdul: Mr. Joestar... As you can see, I've gotten him out of the cell.


Abdul: Not quite... I did truly intend to send you to the hospital, but your strength far exceeded my expectations.

Jotaro: And what if I hadn't pulled these bars apart? What then?

Abdul: My ability... rather, my Stand is Magician's Red. If it came to it, my flames could easily melt them.

Joseph: You and Abdul have the same kind of power, Jotaro. But we can talk more about that once we leave... this isn't the place to loiter.

Joseph: Hey! The nerve of you, calling your own mother a pain in the ass! Who taught you to speak like that? And you! Don't look so happy about it!

Holly: Fiiiine!

Jotaro: Hey, Gramps! Listen up!

Joseph: !

Jotaro: There's still something that's bugging me. How do oyu know so much about my evil sp-... Rather... How do you know so much about my Stand?

Joseph: .......... Well... That's what I came from New York to talk to you about. ...but we'll get to taht in time. There's somethign else I need to talk about first... Something linked to the entire Joestar family.

Joseph: 4 years ago, this metal chest was pulled up from the waters west of Africa. Afterwards, I took it into my own hands... In reality, it's not a chest, but a casket. It dates back about 100 years.

Jotaro: !

Holly: !?

Joseph: When it was finally discovered, it was empty. Only I know what it contained! The one Abdul and I have been searching for!

Jotaro: When you say 'the one', do you mean...

Joseph: Yes... I'm searching for a person, one who was also aboard that ship 100 years ago...

A little while later in a cafe...

It's a sexy man! :P

Alright, time for us to fill out the questionnaire and create our character. The questions vary depending on how you answer them, so I'll just dump the whole list and input you answers to them as they pop up on my end.

Spoiler: Questions (click to show/hide)

Also are you a boy or a girl?

What is your name?

Do you have a nickname? If so what is it?

Do you have a catchphrase? What is it? (Keep it short please)

Which of these describes your appearance best?
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Re: Let's Play: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2014, 11:37:27 pm »

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Also are you a boy or a girl?

What is your name? Deitzberg

Do you have a nickname? If so what is it? Deit

Do you have a catchphrase? What is it? (Keep it short please) I never lose!

Which of these describes you best?
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