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Author Topic: Well that was Awesome  (Read 1522 times)

Angry Bob

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Well that was Awesome
« on: June 12, 2011, 09:05:16 am »

See bottom for tl;dr.

So I took the time to generate a large world and am killing all of the megabeasts before proceeding to general citizenry.

One such beast was a Mountain Titan located in the frozen asshole of nowhere, out in the middle of one of those perpetual blizzards. Just getting to the shrine was an adventure, since I could never see more than one square away from my adventurer on the overland map.

Once I get there, I advance carefully into the shrine. I can still only see one square away from me, due to the fog and snow. My companion spots the beast and leeroys it. Damn AI, not having to actually see something to interact with it.

I advance a little further and notice a red soil wall. I think, "What's a red soil wall doing in a frozen wasteland, and in the middle of a shrine?" I [l]ook at it. Fire. Okay, that explains a lot.

I head in the direction the fire came from, and see the little red 2 that denotes gibs. I look at it. It's my companion's leg. Moments later, my companion crawls back in my direction, down one leg, and most of his skin melting.

And then the beast itself comes marching out of the mist. In any other game, a towering three-eyed wren with large mandibles, a regal bearing, and fluffed puce feathers(Beware its fire!) would be something of an anticlimax. It kept running around, so I only got a turn or two at a time with it in my line of sight before it skipped back out of my line of sight.

The actual fight with it was really just it swinging at me or spitting fire at me, me blocking it, and me hitting it in the head with a steel pick that I'd picked up somewhere. After a while, it died. I butchered it, just to say I had, though I didn't end up taking any of the preposterously heavy products with me. My companion somehow survived, though was in pretty bad shape.

Since it was a mountain titan, most of its victims had been dwarves, so I entered the place with basically the clothes I has started with, plus some +iron gauntlets+ I had picked up in a night creature den, and left with almost full steel gear.

tl;dr 1: The right environmental effects can make a fight cinematic, even to a player who's normally more interested in the mechanics of combat than the "story." Though reading the megabeast descriptions is always fun.
tl;dr 2: Always take the time to loot mountain titan lairs. They kill a lot of dwarves, and dwarves have steel.


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Re: Well that was Awesome
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2011, 04:57:18 am »

Well done!  I especially like the bit where your companion comes crawling back to you after being brutally savaged and burned.