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Running with Rifles - Steam release!

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Needs a map.

Love the great big battles that are started with a small skirmish and slowly develop into 20 on 20, with flankers and
OMG Grenade!


--- Quote from: Little on June 22, 2011, 08:56:26 pm ---Needs a map.

--- End quote ---

Hit tab

--- Quote from: nenjin on June 22, 2011, 07:27:43 pm ---Right now it reminds me of Cannon Fodder.

--- End quote ---

Yes... that's what I was thinking too... but with the promise of co-op multiplayer it's going to be so much -more- fun. War has only been this fun once before.

Urban warfare is AWESOME! Fighting in the corners, leading soldiers and throwing grenades. Took out 6 guys with one grenade. Got the town back too.

Really fun...

I'm sure you're planning more weapons/classes or what not, would make it even more strategic, along with allowing the player (in single player mode) to command troops.  That's assuming we cannot already. :)

Would like to see an option to use W as forward and the mouse as a directional + aim + shoot control though.

Will follow this, nice work thus far though.

Take care,


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