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Author Topic: [43.05] Undertale: Pretale Mod V0.1  (Read 1067 times)


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[43.05] Undertale: Pretale Mod V0.1
« on: July 23, 2016, 02:12:59 pm »

A fairly simple undertale themed modification set before monsters were forced underground.
Just adds in a a number of different monsters, some simple bullet attacks and personality/physical descriptions for each.
 Features [V:0.1 alpha]:
 -19 different monster types
 -new player civilisation with altered values and ethics
 -personality and phsyical stat adjustments for each monster type
 -detailed descriptions of each monsters appearance
 -Monsters are made of very weak materials for maximum FUN.

 To be added in the future:
 -more monsters!
 -more varied bullet attacks and effects for special magical attacks such as the blue and green magic.
 -adjustments to other civs to make monsters the underdogs and likely to be attacked at war with atleast the humans.
 -more interesting boss monster varients
 -some adjustments/additions to buildings, reactions and objects for flavour.
 -better ballancing
 AND MORE (maybe)
 1. drop the files into DF/raw/objects
 2. copy and paste for all

And if anyone is crazy enough to actually want updates and improvements to this, well, im kind of burnt out on it right now but i might get back to it in a week or two if people are interested.

Any suggestions/constructive crit would be nice, this is my first mod.