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Author Topic: Team Fortress 2 Adventure stories  (Read 1272 times)


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Team Fortress 2 Adventure stories
« on: September 18, 2011, 07:01:07 pm »

Being a big fan of Team Fortress 2 and dwarf fortress, i've decided to make a story or two or however many for fun. So if they become popular or I feel like writing again, i'll do so!


It was your average day in the Gravelpit. The RED team was preparing itself for another endless and pointless battle again the BLU team. The usual banter was going around at this time. The scout would be asking for a dispenser, the engineer would be saying nope. The heavy would constantly ask for a medic, and the medic would be too busy healing the soldier who keeps trying to rocket jump.

Oddly enough, a portal opened and the team got shot to a diffirent world. A simple yet complex and dangerous world that should never have been born. The group looked around, seeing mountains.

The scout looked around for a bit. "..Kay this does not look good here uhm.." he said to his fellow teammates. They all looked around in wonder.

The engineer looked around. "Dammit fellas.. no metal aroun' here. Least not that I can see." "Well.." the spy responded. "Zis place looks odd. We've fought everywhere.. zis place must be.. new." The sniper looked around for a while, and spotted a creature in the distance.

"SPY!" he shouted before preparing his huntsmen arrow. The creature was a kobold who looked confused for a small moment before the sniper shot him in the head. "Stupid bloody spies.." he said with a evil smirk on his face.. he turned around to face his team mates who were looking in the distance. A massive group of kobolds surrounded by treasure was nearby.

The engineer saw their crudely made weapons. "Metal! Lets go fellas." with that, he charged off into the group of kobolds, who were happily eating their stolen meals. The rest of the team followed.

The spy used his watch to turn invisible, put up a disguise and appeared behind to kobold. "Peekaboo!" he said before he stabbed them in the backs causing them to scream. The rest of the group ran at him and slashed away. The medic however quickly healed him as he shot and ran off to try and backstab more later.

The scout dashed forward and clubbed ones head in. "BONK!" he said right after caving in another kobold skull. He leaped around shooting them with his scattergun.

The engineer just silently gathered up the weapons from the dead kobolds, converting them into metal pieces to be used for his constructions. The pyro and demoman were just standing behind.

The soldier fired a crocket at a large group of the kobolds, making them explode into a shower of gore. "If god had wanted you to live he would not have created ME!" he exclaimed.

The rest of the kobolds massed up, retaliating and causing several of the teammembers to fall back. The medic looked at the heavy. "Ready to charge!" the heavy simply nodded. He reved up his minigun and let out a loud roar before the medic flipped a switch on his medigun, causing the heavy to glow and become invulnerable. "I AM BULLET PROOOOOOOF!" the heavy said as bullets sprayed across the kobolds and made the ground red. The medic and heavy walked forward and by the end of the ubercharge every single kobold was dead.

The minigun stopped rotating. "So much blood! It is good day to be GIANT man!"

(Awaiting feedback. It was just a quick idea. I didn't really have time to make the story amazing.)