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Author Topic: Cops and Robbers: Turn 17  (Read 26892 times)


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Re: Cops and Robbers: Turn 17
« Reply #225 on: February 24, 2013, 05:12:47 pm »

Turn 17
Not dead, I was just busy.

Time: Noon, Monday, 2013
Place: Generic, New Jersey

(from now on deduction and interragation roles will be ? as to avoid cluing you in to whether or not its true.)
(i was wondering if anyone would be interested in skipping to the evening of the Monday after GWG completes his robbery.)

Police (Car chases, deduction, paperwork):
Crimes Reported:
Friday-Bryson Grocery Store Robbery
Saturday- Arthur Guy’s house is vandalized
Sunday- Liberty Bank robbed (Current Suspect List: Bob, Sammy, and Alfred), Little Joe murdered by Yakuza
Monday- Shootout between Namers and Lunatics, Murder of Grocery store owner, Attack on Sushi Place, robbery of New Jersey State bank, attempted robbery of Ben's Bank, robbery of THird Bank, attack in CHinese Palace, kidnapping of bartender.


(4) Grabbing a promotion application you commence filling it out. You drop it in the promotion box, then resume working on paperwork.

Currently: filing paperwork
Current Orders: investigate abandoned warehouse; Find Liberty Bank robbers
Evidence in Station: fingerprints off safe wall, security tapes (Liberty Bank Job) Evidence from warehouse shoot-out
0 Arrests
$268 money

Trip Hazard:
Cruise around looking for criminals, explicitly ignoring paperwork
(4) You successfully sneak out of the office to find out there is a police force moving to take a drug shipment on the SE pier of the port.

Currently: Making a date
Current Orders: Fill out Paperwork;
Evidence: Photos, pick up in 5 turns
0 arrests
$270 Money

Balakonet Shibak:
Character Sheet
Name: Balakonet Shibak
Side: Cop
Affiliation/Job: Detective
Bio: He was bought a mug by his parents with "THE BEST DETECTIVE" on it, later on his parents were killed outside the cinema, thus begins the story of the best detective.
Skill: evidence gathering.
Balakonet is sitting around getting coffee in the detective room, hearing about the many crimes going on. (Obligation Roll: 1) The boss stops talking to Javier about promotions and turns to him. "Balakonet? There was a car chase involving Trip Hazard and Officer Johnson where Trip killed a suspect. I need you to track them down and interview them for possible disciplinary action. Can you do that?"

Currently: getting orders
Current Orders: Interview Trip and Johnson
0 arrests
$110 Money


Joe Nix:
Now Attack!
(2 vs. 1) The first guy trips into you, and falls down. (2 vs. 2-1) the second falls down too, and all without having to do anything. You charge the third guy, (6 vs. 2) knocking him out with a single punch. Behind you the two guys who fell down are trying to get up.

Currently: Attacked by pedestrians
Inventory: Sheath Knife, spray-paint

Bob the Burglar:
take his word for it and set the trap, have a lunatic follow him though
(3) He tells you to be at his bar tonight at 9, before heading back to his bar, one Lunatic on his tail.

Currently: abducting bartender, Found the spy?
Current Orders: Find the spy
Inventory: Skeleton Keys, Safe-door shield, gun, map to Lunatic Base, gloves, clown mask

Jimmy the Snitch:
Look around the armory before making a decision.
(2) You have your tommy gun, but other than a few knives, and some melee weapons like baseball bats, there isn’t much in the armory to offer.

(also just removed your molotov cocktails, as I forgot you used them.)

Current Orders: Join gas station robbery group
Currently: checking armory
Inventory:  Incomprehensible accent, fedora, tommy gun, Hoodie, baseball bat

Marcus "Tiger" Mau:
Wake up, hit a Yakuza and run.
(5) Waking up, you (5+1 vs. 5) swing and hit a Yakuza in the shoulder. He shrugs it off before (3 vs. 6) punching the guy on fire, and getting some on himself too. The Tough on fire (2) runs around in a panic looking for water. (6 vs. 4) the armed Tough shoots and injures the last Yakuza. (2 vs. 4-1) a final Tough moves to attack, but is stopped by a block by the Yakuza. You yell "come on boys, lets run, before leaving the restaurant. It looks like you'll need to go somewhere else for lunch.

Current Orders: none
Currently: unconscious, (3 Yakuza dead, one tough shot in arm, one tough on fire)
Inventory: Brass Knuckles (+1 to blocks), Katana,
Miscellaneous Items on ground: old baseball bat (1/6 chance of breaking if it makes contact with an object)
Congratulations Persus, now you are forced to have the same personal text for an entire year!
Longbowmen horsearcher doomstacks that suffer no attrition and can navigate all major rivers without ships.


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Re: Cops and Robbers: Turn 17
« Reply #226 on: February 24, 2013, 05:16:09 pm »

spring the trap, shoot the barman if he doublecrosses me
Clearly running multiple missions at the same time is a terrible idea.  The epic battle to see which team can cock it up worse has escalated again.

And Larry kinda gets blueballed in all this; just left with a raging bone spear and no where to put it.


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Re: Cops and Robbers: Turn 17
« Reply #227 on: February 24, 2013, 05:17:04 pm »

Throw the on-fire tough in a puddle. Heal the wounded one. Look for some other lunch place.
Because trying to stuff Fate/Whatever's engrish and the title of a 17th century book on statecraft into Pokemon syntax tends to make the content incomprehensible.


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Re: Cops and Robbers: Turn 17
« Reply #228 on: February 24, 2013, 05:20:49 pm »


Join gas station job.
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Re: Cops and Robbers: Turn 17
« Reply #229 on: February 25, 2013, 01:18:05 am »

Stab one before he gets up!
NRDL will roll a die and decide how sadistic and insane he's feeling well you do.


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Re: Cops and Robbers: Turn 17
« Reply #230 on: February 25, 2013, 09:02:32 am »

Get paycheck

Head back to warehouse
Get security tapes


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Re: Cops and Robbers: Turn 17
« Reply #231 on: February 26, 2013, 03:23:00 pm »

Join in with the cops, shoot to kill any junkies, drug dealers, or anyone who looks like they might do, deal, see, or think about drugs.
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