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Author Topic: Forgotten Beast Battle  (Read 5389 times)


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Re: Forgotten Beast Battle
« Reply #15 on: November 07, 2011, 03:32:28 pm »

Somehow she also went from "hostile" to "friendly".

I'm not sure exactly how disposition works with foreign NPCs, but I seem to recall reading something about captured goblins becoming assimilated into dwarven society.  Is it possible that at some point (if she hadn't died), you could have invited this lizard lady into your fortress, and then assigned labors and rooms to her just like any other dwarf?  If so, that would be awesome.

As far as I'm aware there have been many reports of sentient cavern dwellers becoming friendly after killing a forgotten beast. It seems that their disposition changes upon killing a creature hostile to your fortress; the possibility of taming such creatures by pitting captured goblins next to them hasn't been tested by me as of yet. As for your question the creatures won't live in the fortress and will merely continue to live as they did before, just without harassing your dwarves. They seem to default to the same behavior as abandoned adventurer companions who, as I discovered after being slaughtered by a minotaur and embarking in fortress mode on the labyrinth to exact my revenge, will just wander around the map and harass wildlife or ambushers/invaders every now and again.
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