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Author Topic: 3079  (Read 64624 times)


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Re: 3079
« Reply #375 on: March 25, 2012, 07:03:01 am »

Desura didn't like me Tweeting about how quickly people can get BMT Micro updates (well, because they can get them instantly) and saying Desura people have to wait (well, because they do). So, Desura told me to give them a "heads up" on when I plan on updating, so they can be ready. This is why the Desura update was quicker -- BMT Micro was still updated 6 hours earlier, but a much better improvement!


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3079 updated to v2.14.10b
« Reply #376 on: March 30, 2012, 01:56:47 pm »

Hey all,

Check out the new trailer @

This update brings some much requested features to the table like night vision goggles, an extended storyline & ship hijacking. I also did some more playtesting, from start to finish, to tweak the gameplay mechanics and resolve bugs. This may be 3079's biggest update yet!

This will be the last "BETA" release -- I plan on dropping this label on April 7th, when the next update is planned. I'd like to gather all remaining known bugs and get them fixed, so 3079 can truly be called "stable". This means you will have about a week left to get 3079 at a reduced price ($8.99) -- when the game goes "stable", the price will be $12.49.

Here are the complete list of changes:
* Mini-ship hijacking! "Interact" with mini-ships to use your strength to attempt a hijack
* You can now grapple to mini-ships (and big ships) using the grappling hook
* Extended the main storyline (level 5 requirement on demon heads & new demon influence challenge)
* New item: night vision goggles! (with a new key mapping to toggle goggles)
* New textures, including a unique player texture for multiplayer games from Urcheon
* Made cities spawn more often
* Added item attribute percentages to better explain/compare bonuses
* Giant enemies now can crush you when very close
* Players now start games with a level 1 radar
* Melee weapons will now hit more accurately according to the crosshairs
* Demon Smiters now do "normal" damage to higher level Demons, instead of none
* Tweaked the difficulty scale (starting game is a bit easier, but gets harder quicker)
* Gave mini-ships a little more health
* Really fixed the bug that caused mini-ships to stack
* Fixed a bug that caused quest targets to be turrets
* Normal (non-merchant & non-leader) guys will sometimes spawn in city fort buildings now
* Fixed a bug that caused some key mappings to not save correctly
* Fixed demon head coloring in inventory
* Generators will now generate more energy
* The "effects" indicator will now properly display on loaded games
* Improved performance a bit with day/night changes
* Added in a "Detects Level: 1-X" for radars (and night visors) in their descriptions
* Fixed the "ESC" key at the end of the game
* Fixed the "player killed by" messages in multiplayer games to be more accurate
* Fixed a bug that caused rare crashes and other oddities with held items in multiplayer
* Reduced the energy bonus caused by using items until your energy runs out
* Radar plots will now be removed immediately on target death
* Effects will now be properly cleared after respawning from death
* Lowered turret health a bit
* Fixed a bug in damage calculation when using the mini-ship weapon

This update has already been approved on all distribution platforms, except GamersGate (it will be approved there shortly!)


Thanks guys,
- Phr00t
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Re: 3079
« Reply #377 on: March 30, 2012, 02:18:16 pm »

Wow! I hope you get a much needed break this summer after this epic project! I recommend anyone on the fence buy this game, it's well worth it.
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Re: 3079
« Reply #378 on: March 30, 2012, 11:29:37 pm »

This just looks better and better every time I check back! Great job on the recent stufff; I need to go redownload now...

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Re: 3079
« Reply #379 on: March 31, 2012, 02:07:42 pm »

Wow phroot, fighters! I was always jealous looking at those ships in the sky... I wanted a vehicle too! This game becomes better and better. I am glad I could help with textures when it was in its infancy :).

By the way, I love creature skins. Are those Burningpet's?
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Re: 3079
« Reply #380 on: April 01, 2012, 10:35:10 am »

Wow phroot, fighters! I was always jealous looking at those ships in the sky... I wanted a vehicle too! This game becomes better and better. I am glad I could help with textures when it was in its infancy :).

By the way, I love creature skins. Are those Burningpet's?

Those skins are Urcheon's (from Desura) -- he has done a great job on them :)

Thank you again for your help with the textures -- some of yours are still being used!


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3079 v2.16 up!
« Reply #381 on: April 13, 2012, 09:11:39 pm »

Hey all,

Since 3079 was made stable, it was time to get back to adding some fun new features. The biggest new feature in this release are maps. The maps act like a satellite uplink, showing you all of the explored terrain:

Other nifty new features are powerfully destructive satchel bombs, which can destroy practically all terrain and building exteriors. Construction tools got a "building points" increase: now they can be charged all the way up to 256 points (in 48-point increments). These two things combined should make for more building options!

Here are all the changes:
* Map system! Default "M" key toggles map, movement keys pan
* New destructible item: satchel bombs! They can destroy all terrain & building exteriors
* New controls to adjust sound effects and music volume independently
* Construction tool can now be charged up to 256 build points, in increments of 48
* Capital ships will no longer spawn over the starting city
* Capital ship weapons will now destroy terrain like satchel bombs
* Items should no longer spawn inside turrets
* Other blocks are now placed in buildings to give rooms more "character"
* Antigrav device will now be disabled and unusable when flying in a miniship
* You can no longer use /home and /goto commands while flying in a miniship
* "Protect target" quest timer will no longer count down if you are too far away from the target
* When protecting a target for a quest, the target will always accept a follow request
* Local IP address is now shown in addition to public IP when starting a server
* Made the starting Main Menu more space efficient
* Quests will now be generated a bit farther away
* Radar image was slightly improved

Homepage, with trailer & free demo:

Thanks all!
- Jeremy


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Re: 3079
« Reply #382 on: September 30, 2012, 08:06:19 am »

I played this, here's some feedback :

The game was very confusing at first. I couldn't locate anything and kept getting lost all the time, and died quickly every time i left the humoid city.

Then i looked up some guides, and soon i managed to play more efficiently.

Then i figured it out completely and it became way too easy :

-Energy can be easily raised to arbitrarily high values, here's how : use an antigrav device + nightvision googles + camouflage until your energy is 0, at which point your camouflage will stay on, preventing energy regen, and then spam V (nightvision googles), which doesnt reduce your HP but increases the energy stat very reliably. Using the built-in macro keys on my keyboard, i could raise my energy stat in the thousands in a matter of minutes. This makes all batteries and generators useless, and makes you very resilient as soon as you get an energy shield (because it will drain your energy instead of HP, and your energy will be so high that it will take a long time to go down). Also it means you can use your camouflage, your antigrav, your googles and your weapon without ever worrying about energy costs.

-Money becomes a non-factor as soon as you figure out how stealing works. You can get way more stuff by raiding an enemy base and stealing all their crap (and then killing them one by one) than by any other way (including quests, mining, trading, killing and exploration). Stealth has a naturally good synergy with stealing, and once again, as soon as you figure out how to raise you camouflage stat, it all becomes child's play. Swords are good enough that you can quickly become a merciless killing machine of stealth without even using the energy trick.

After that, it all becomes very repetitive very quickly. I soon stopped selling loot, since i never traded (the stuff you can get from a merchant is always 1 level lower than what you can get from stealing an enemy in the same area). Instead i discarded the loot i didn't need, so that i could keep using my antigrav. The only reason to do missions was to get Demon Smiters. Sometimes i couldnt get any, and sometimes i had like 5 missions in a row giving me lvl 10 Smiters.
Heck even getting Smiters was only useful if i wanted to progress the storyline (= end the game). I could have kept playing forever, raiding base after base of increasing level forever, except it eventually got boring. Since the level of the enemies scale to the level of the loot they give you, it's like you're doing the exact same thing all the time.

I wouldn't call this a bad game, it's decent entertainment and challenge while you figure out the mechanics, but it lacks variety to keep me playing for more than a few days.

Oh and sorry for the thread necro, but i wanted to give my opinion on the game and i wasn't going to open a new thread just for that.


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Re: 3079
« Reply #383 on: September 30, 2012, 08:22:58 am »

3079's sequel is about to launch with a kickstart.
Poysky Productions
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