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Author Topic: IRLRPG (HabitRPG Clone) [Status: In Progress]  (Read 285 times)


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Re: IRLRPG (HabitRPG Clone) [Status: Nebulous Idea with No Code]
« Reply #15 on: August 25, 2014, 07:36:53 pm »

]hi guys,im back, who was missing me?

Quote from: Tawarochir
Goddamned cults.


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Re: IRLRPG (HabitRPG Clone) [Status: In Progress]
« Reply #16 on: August 25, 2014, 09:53:44 pm »

Worked on some wireframes today. Ive no design experience, but it can be redone if this project gets enough momentum to merit the attention of someone more skilled. Well just make do with what I make in the meantime.


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Re: IRLRPG (HabitRPG Clone) [Status: In Progress]
« Reply #17 on: August 26, 2014, 01:48:45 am »

I think that one of the main problems with Habit RPG is that it doesn't actually have that many RPG mechanics.

Perhaps there should be some sort of world map, or at least multiple locations? Different locations could have different drops, but also inflict more/less damage on the player. Multiple areas would allow levelling up to significantly boost the player's stats, while still ensuring that the player needs to be careful not to miss too many tasks.

Speaking of tasks, to-do lists should have optional due dates. You should be able to assign both soft and hard due dates; soft due dates would inflict a bit of damage every day past the due date, while hard due dates would inflict heavy damage and delete themselves once reached.

Due dates is something Habit keeps saying they're going to add, but instead they put all their time into implementing useless and buggy world boss fights that nobody really wants. Blah.

I think the real problem, though, is that there's so little content. Right now I have 339 gold coins and literally nothing to spend it on. And I will never have anything to spend it on ever again. Once you get maxed out equipment (which took me less than 2 months to do), there is never another chance to buy anything with your gold -- unless you buy a special item that let's you start over again at level 1 and change your class. Which, naturally, costs gems, not gold. OR, you can buy a subscription, and then be able to slowly transform gold into gems. But there's no way to continue without paying cash. It's one of the worst paywalls I've ever seen. And the worst part of all is that even with a subscription, there's really hardly any content left, anyway. Just quests, which are boring as they are now.

I agree that more RPG elements would help. Everything we do should build up something USEFUL. Those gold coins should be usable for something. There needs to be more consumbales, and more higher-level equipment. I'd say it should be possible for players to sell gems to other players for gold, but then, there's no use for gold as it is. The ideas of having multiple areas with different content in each is a good one. Maybe it would cost gold coins to change areas.

And I would add actual "fights" to the game. Completing tasks should fill up a power meter of some sort, and then you can unleash an attack on the monster you're fighting in your party. Finishing tasks shouldn't do nebulous damage to the monster: you'd have to actively decide to attack using points. And you shouldn't have to buy a quest in order to fight something. There should be random monsters, or you should be able to take your party and wander in the forest or whatever looking for enemies. In fact, I'd suggest that quests shouldn't be buyable at all. They should only exist as random drops you can get from fights, or something you can discover by traveling, so you have to keep playing and working in order to get them.

Yes, it's fine to have a pay shop, but Habit is doing it the wrong way. If we're going to include pay to play options, I think we should carefully consider the information in this Extra Credits video:
And this one:

"The player has to ENJOY spending money on your game."

(I'm fine with just having it free for now, and we can all chip in a little money for the server.)

And Fenrir, you're awesome. Whatever you're making, it's awesome, because you're the only one making anything. As I said, if you're willing to teach me how the code works, I'm definitely willing to help in the future.
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