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Author Topic: Unnamed Dragon Game  (Read 14 times)

Zanzetkuken The Great

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Unnamed Dragon Game
« on: Today at 12:09:27 pm »

Current Concept

A manufactured mechanical dragon late prototype, at the beginning of the game, having been sent out for field testing.

Either Steampunk or Cyberpunk city.

Stuff I hope to implement
Free flight
Usage of compressed steam or plasma as a ranged attack.
Weapons are able to be changed to different types that are better in some aspects, but are weaker in others.
Psuedo-randomly generated levels if I make it 2d.  Open world spanning a few city levels, with tunnels in the plates between levels if I can make it 3d.
A lawful <-> anarchist, selfless <-> self-centered set of morality meters.

Before I start work, anyone have a recommendation for a free python or java engine (either 2d or 3d) that is free, and I wouldn't get in any trouble with if I ever wound up getting a crazy hair an try to sell this for some reason?
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