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Author Topic: Children Stories, stories written by children.  (Read 84 times)


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Children Stories, stories written by children.
« on: April 19, 2015, 08:20:16 pm »

My Younger sister wrote a story when she was but the age of 9, there are illustrations that go with this... but alas my scanner blew up.

If this gets attention, I might dig up a few more that I can find. In fact feel free to share your own.

I actually love stories written by children and young teens. There is a certain style they have that is lost on older adults. It is quite enchanting in my honest opinion. I WISH authors were more in the habit of keeping the dreadful stories they made in kindergarten.

The title of this story is

Little Brown Chocolate Mania

By Girl of age 9

-Page 1-

Little Brown Chocolate Mania has a favorite brown suit  because brown is her favourite colour! And chocolate is her favorite food. They have it for breakfast, lunch  and dinner!  She has a dog named Brownie and she loves him very much!

-Page 2-

Her mother   likes to eat chocolate too. Everyday her mother packs up a basket of chocolate bars for her Grandma. Little Brown Chocolate Mania takes it to her every afternoon.

Caption: Mother "Bring this to your Grandma", LBCM "thanks mom"

-Page 3-

The wolf is a wild creature who lives in the woods.   It's his favourite habitat.  He watched Little Brown Chocolate Mania go through the woods. He wanted to eat her up.

-Page 4-

Little Brown Chocolate Mania jogged, and got to Grandma's before the wolf!

-Page 5-

She saw the wolf approaching the  cottage! Grandma hid in the closet, and  Little Brown Chocolate Mania dressed in Grandma's clothes and waiting for the wolf.

-Page 6-

The wolf broke into the cottage. He tried to steal the basket of chocolate bars! They chased him out with a big stick, and scared the wolf away. He thought "Those women are ferocious!" and stayed away  forever!

-About the Author (extra page)-

I like to play with my friends, and I like to play with my dog, Brownie.

(Section omitted)

At school I like to do science and go to Mrs. A's room.
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