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     The Pony-citizens of Equestria were living in a glorious era under Goddess Princess Celestia. Cultures were brought together, plagues and monsters were vanquished, and farming met industrialization with harmony. All was well...

     Until, something happened to the Princess. Whatever was the cause; whether a curse took hold of her mind, or a latent illness took effect, the Princess turned from a Benevolent Ruler to a Fascist Despot. Genocide, slavery, racism, famine and despair swept over the land, turning the skies from blue to gray and the grass turning blood red.

    That is where you come in. You can fight Princess Celestia as a former Pony-subject, a human, or another form of being willing to take up arms. Will it be a hopeless bloodbath or a revolution? The fate is in you and your comrades hands. Good luck.

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Spoiler: Rules (click to show/hide)
    If any of you guessed, this RTD was inspired by the "Roll to dodge Mr. T!" thread. The basic plot is that a group of players fight an extraordinarily powerful Final-Boss type situation. In this case, it is Princess Celestia. She is God-like in abilities, including but not limited to flight, magic, brute strength, cursing, weapons, necromancy, seduction, illusions and etc.
Players call 'actions' each turn. First, a 'Turn' will commence in which each active player calls out an action(s) for their character. I roll a dice for each action(s) taken, which lands between 1 (not a good roll at all) to 6, (a very good roll.) The number will determine the effectiveness of the actions. After the players actions are rolled, Princess Celestia and her allies will take a turn doing their own actions. The final point of each turn will be friendly NPCs  taking actions.
The game starts out with 6 players battling, and as time goes on, some and possibly all of them will die. However, reinforcements and special events will let players on the Waitlist jump in.

Important Rules:

1. As GM, my word is final. Though I will be as just and fair as possible.
2. You must play as a Character listed in the "Playable Characters" section. Though I might include a new character is it is suggested and popular. Key word, might.
3. There can be multiple versions of the same character fighting simultaneously. (That's why each player must pick a certain color for their character.)
4. If Princess Celestia feels overpowered, that's the point. This game punishes head on suicide-charges and rewards tactics and teamwork.
5. New Characters will be added periodically.
6. Have fun!

NEW: Due to this post reaching the max character limit, all new character sheets must now be posted in the O.O.C. Thread. Additional playable classes can be found there as well.
To go to that thread, click here.

Spoiler:  Playable Characters (click to show/hide)Playable Characters:

Name: Twilight Sparkle
Class Type: Mage
+1 Magic
+1 Intelligence
Description: A unicorn who is Celestia ex-favorite student. She posses the Element of Magic, and is a true leader.

Name: Applejack
Class Type: Tank
+1 Strength
+1 Endurance
Starting Equipment:
Cowgirl Hat - Howdy'
Lasso - Can wrap around anyone or anything. Pulls in hay, snaps necks and tames horses.

Description: A Pony who has lived and labored all her life on her family's apple farm. She has the Element of Honesty.

Name: Rarity
Class Type: Sorcerer
+1 Magic
+1 Perception

Description: A Pony who sells clothes. She represents the Element of Generosity.

Name: Fluttershy
Class Type: Support
+1 Charisma
Can Fly
Gets along with animals
Certain conditions will cause her to have a mental breakdown and become 'Ragershy'

Description: A shy Pony who guards all the animals in Ponyville. She represents the Element of Kindness.

Name: Rainbow Dash
Class Type: Lightning Bruiser
+2 Speed
+1 Endurance
Can Fly
Difficult to Control

Description: A feisty Pony who is the fastest flyer in all of Ponyville. She bears the Element of Loyalty.

Name: Pinkie Pie
Class Type: Jack-of-all-trades
+1 Speed
+1 Spontaneity
Certain conditions can cause her to have a mental breakdown and become 'Pinkamena Diane Pie.'
Can break the 4th wall.

Description: A party loving Pony. She has the element of Laughter.

Name: RZA
Class Type: Necromancer
+1 Magic
Know Wu-Tang Kung-Fu
Can summoner other members of the "Wu-tang Clan" to help
Microphone - Used to project his Wu-Tang beats! Also can be a improvised-strangulation device.

Description: Leader of the "Wu-tang Clan", a rap-group that is as ninja as they are gangster.

Name: Theodore Roosevelt
Class Type: Soldier
+1 Toughness
+1 Strength
+1 Tactics
Rally: When Teddy uses this, nearby allies and himself will get a small bonus. 2 turn cool-down.
Certain actions cause anti-imperialist NPCs to appear and attack Theodore.
Rifle - Long-and-mid distance rifle that has a powerful impact.
Pistol - Short-range killer that can fire multiple shots at once.
Knife - Stabby'-slicy'

Description: The 26th president of the United States. Viewed by many as a heroic bad-ass. (Though not by me. :P)

Name: Lawrence Taylor
Class Type: Heavy Hitter
+1 Agility
+1 Endurance
+1 Strength
Tackle: When Lawrence uses this ability, his attack has a very high chance of crippling an enemy. 1 turn cool-down.
Football Helmet - Protects the brain from trauma.
Cleats - Get stomped!

Description: Former linebacker of the New York Giants. One of the greatest defensive players ever.

Name: Altair Ibn La Ahad
Class Type: Assassin
+1 Agility
+1 Stealth
Starting Equipment: Hidden Blade, Longsword, Short Blade, 10 Throwing Knives
Hidden Blade - Hides in the forearm of an assassin. Spring-powered, causes quick death.
Longsword - Used for melee fights, slices a man up.
Short Blade - Useful at very close distance, can be used for creative counter-attacks.
Throwing Knives - Altair's ranged attack.

Description: An Assassin from the Crusades-era Middle East. He is an extremely skilled assassin.

Name: Gordon Freeman
Type: Armory
+1 Intelligence
Skilled at improvising to use new weapons.
Crowbar - Melee weapon that can hook and tear into enemies. Also can be used as a tool.
Pistol - A classic firearm with many uses.
Magnum Revolver - All the powr of a Shotgun in the size of a Pistol.
SMG - Delivers quick bursts at close range.
Pulse Rifle - A mid-range weapon that slices into foes.
Shotgun - Fires a spread of bullets.
Grenade - A tossed weapon that explodes after it is thrown.
RPG - Propels a grenade across the battlefield.

Description: Former scientist swept up into action to fight for humanity. He has a large arsenal.

Name: Scout
Class Type: Hit & Run
+1 Agility
Can Double-Jump
Scattergun - An even more close-range oriented version of the Shotgun.
Pistol - For when the Scout needs to fight at a longer range.
Baseball Bat - Quickly caves in skulls.

Description: An arrogant, hot-headed youth from Boston. He fights with blinding speed.

Spoiler:  Playable Classes, Set II (click to show/hide)

Name: Soldier
Class Type: Shock & Awe
+1 Endurance
+1 Explosives
-1 Agility
Rocket Launcher - Fires powerful rockets that damage from either explosions or direct hits. Useful against slow targets.
Shotgun - Provides the soldier with close-range firepower.
Shovel - Can take a head off shoulders, or smash a face in. Can also be used as a tool.

Description: A loose-cannon crazy patriotic soldier. Kills for sheer joy.

Name: Pyro
Class Type: Firestarter
+1 Agility
+1 Incendiaries
Flamethrower - The primary weapon of any pyromaniac. Set the world on fire!
Shotgun - A backup weapon to blow off limbs.
Fire Axe - Cuts straight through anyone.

Description: An insane, enigmatic pyromaniac. The only thing anyone knows for sure, is that s/he loves fire.

Name: Travis Touchdown
Class Type: Katana Assassin
+1 Agility
+1 Finesse
Laser Katana - A weapon Travis got online. Changed his life, and now he can slice through anything.

Description: A loser Otaku who bought a Laser Katana and turned into a world-famous assassin. None for his supreme dueling skill.

Name: Jackie Estacado
Class Type: Darkness Specialist
+1 Firearms
Two extra Darkness 'arms'
Darkness arms can be used to bite, slash, slam, thrust, grab, and tear enemies and objects.
Exposure to bright light causes the Darkness arms to retreat, and all rolls get -1.
Dual 1911s - Bang bang.
Micro Uzi - To make a lot of holes in someone at close range.
Shotgun - Sends enemies flying.
AK47 - Heavy firepower at any range.

Description: Jackie was just any other teenager, until the Darkness took over his soul. Now he is controlled by the Darkness, and wields its terrifying and awesome abilities.

Name: Delta
Class Type: Big Daddy
+2 Strength
+2 Toughness
+1 Magic
-2 Agility
Vulnerable to anti-armor attacks
Drill Arm - A huge drill that can either bash in someone's body, or bore a hole through their center.
Rivet Gun - A large pistol that fires metal rivets that turn bones to mush.
Machine Gun - A military-issued machine gun attached to your arm for high killing potential.
Spear Gun - Fires large spears that impale gruesomely. Good for longe-range.
Electro Bolt Plasmid - An electric blast that sends a bolt to it's target.
Incinerate Plasmid - A fiery attack that makes a foe combust.
Winter Blast Plasmid - A freezing attack that turns sentient beings into ice sculptures.
Telekinesis Plasmid - Allows for telekinesis, so Delta can launch objects with his mind.

Description: An experimental Alpha-type Big Daddy from the underwater city of Rapture. He is like a living tank, that can also do magic.

Name: The Beatles
Class Type: Rockstars
+2 Magic
+1 Teamwork
+1 Susceptibility to Internal Conflict
LIVERPOOL!: When The Beatles use this ability, they launch a powerful attack that has to potential to seriously damage or kill enemy units. 3-turn cooldown.

Description: An English band from LIVERPPOOL! who changed and influenced all music. The most successful musical band to date.

Name: Skrillex
Class Type: Dubstep
+1 Magic
+1 Area-of-effect-Attacks
-1 Agility
DROP THE BASS: Unleashes a powerful sonic sphere that smashes into adjacent enemies. 2 turn cooldown.
Dubstep Machine - Produces the vital WUBs and DUBs for Skrillex.

Description: A guy with glasses who arose to fame by promoting the genre of dubstep to the American mainstream musical audience. Fights by producing powerful sonic blasts.

Name: Al Capone
Class Type: Original Gangster
+1 Improvised Weapons
+1 Brutality
Tommy Gun - A fast firing easy to use machine gun for shooting up anyone who stands in your way.
Revolver - To blast a hole in a fool trying to bust your balls.
Pineapple Bomb - A home-made grenade to throw behind your enemies cover.
Molotov Cocktail - A little liquor and a little fire makes for a hell of a show.
Brass Knuckles - Breaks a jaw or skull easily.
Baseball Bat - The original rib-cracker.

Description: A Chicago-based alcohol dealer who changed gangsterdom forever. Capone fights tough and quick, and isn't afraid to get dirty.

1. Spinal_Taper (Black Pastmancer)
2. GraveHaunter92 (Orange Applejack)
3. SealyStar (Navy Al Capone)
4. mcclay (Black Twilight Sparkle)
5. Biscuitlord (Red Big Macintosh)
6. Harry Baldman (Red Dagoth Ur)
7. Xantalos (Maroon Swedish Chef)
8. ansontan2000 (Blue Simo Hayha)
9. Geen (Pink Gary Oak)
10. Tiruin (Skyblue Altria Pendragon)


1. TsukikoNeri (Angela Victoire Blendin)
2. Naoki Kurogra (Spike the Drake)
3. NobodyPro (Grey Slenderman)
4. scapheap (Purple Alex Mercer)
5. PowderMiner (White Simo Hayha)
6. Greenstarfanatic (Gold Magicka Guy)
7. Flintus10 (Green Deadpool)
8. Fr0stByt3 (Navy Sub-Zero)
9. Passenger (Maroon Soldier)
10. Doomblade187 (Navy Simo Hayha)


1. Blue Scout (Sinpwn) - Stabbed and then sliced in half by a Knight.
2. Red Theodore Roosevelt (PowderMiner) - Got hit by a Rasputin-esque barrage of bullets, slices, stabs and other various wounds. Finally finished off when a Mac-10 armed Gunner shot him in the chest four times.
3. Yellow Altair/Ezio (Grimmjow6th) - Was disconnected by Desmond Miles.
4. Gordon Freeman (Tersr) - Shot straight through the heart by an alien death ray.
5. The Entire Goddamn Party (Everyone) - TPK'd by The Sun Goddess.
6. RZA & Lawrence Taylor (Flintus10 & Baradine) - Victims of a Thermonuclear Muffin Explosion.
7. Wurmple (zomara0292) - Tackled the interior of a detonating atomic bomb, in order to veer it off course and save his master.
8. Red Theodore Roosevelt (Again) (PowderMiner) - Shot and decapitated by a yoga instructor.
9. Sun Tzu - Forced by Caellath to listen to One Direction on repeat.
10. Twilight Sparkle - (mcclay) Was in a coma, and accidentally teleported herself back to the Lunar Base, where she promptly collapsed of exhaustion.
11. Delta - (sinpwn) Sean Mirrsan threw a knife through his helmet visor, and hit him in the head, killing him instantly.
12. Deoxys - (RTD) King Arthur tried to heal Deoxys by throwing Excalibur at it. Didn't turn out well.
13. Fluttershy - (Biscuitlord) Died Ran away when Sean Mirrsan almost hit her with his drill.
14. King Arthur - (Tiruin) Shot through the back by William Shakespeare.
15. Pinkie Pie - (Geen) Stabbed by both of William Shakespeare's Rapiers. And then she melted.
16. Sherlock Holmes - (Xantalos) Skull bashed in from the Spiked Mace of a Man-at-Arms.
17. The Boss - (ansontan2000) Knocked unconscious by an arrow to the head. Woke up, and soon was hit again by an arrow to the chest.
18. Jackie Estacado - (Zako) Shot by several arrows. A final one pierced his neck, defeating both himself and the Darkness within him.
19. Theodore Roosevelt (Yep.) - (PowderMiner) Realized no one wanted to fight for America anymore. This was so depressing he shot himself in the head.
20. Cyan Garamonde - (Johutotar) Was bleeding out from multiple bullet wounds. Decided to go out like a true Samurai and committed Hari-Kiri.
21. Merasmus - (Greenstarfanatic) Shot repeatedly and tried to hide by becoming a barrel. He was not well hidden and shot fatally.
22. Gordon Freeman 2.0 - (Tersr) Wounded and tries healing via his console. Accidentally caused his suit to explode instead.
23. Delta - (BlasterKyubey210) Hit by a perfect crossbow bolt which destroyed his heart and spine simultaneously, as well as sending him plunging into the ocean.
24. Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Daniel Wintle - (Flintus10) Shot many times and then ceremoniously fell into the sea.
25. Simon - (Samari45) Enraged Jesse James by killing his entire posse, and his brother. Jesse then shot Simon in the head, which also destroyed Gurren Lagann.
26. Roland Deschain - (Doomblade187) Got into a High Noon Duel with Jesse James. He was fatally wounded, but managed to finish off Jesse with a last shot, then they both died.

Twilight Sparkle
black since it is the only color I can post in.

Powder Miner:
Oh god yes yes Teddy Roosevelt. I'll be red.

Ah, what the hell. BLU Scout. Resident of Scoutland and part-time infomercial personality.

I had to double take once I saw the class list to make sure this wasn't from Dinosaurus_Rex. Amazing, TCM.


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