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Roll to Dodge Princess Celestia, Act II [Actually Done This Time: R.I.P]

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Derpy sniffles. "It's okay guys...I'm going for a walk..." She stands up and walks away, leaving her muffin cart in the hallway.

"HEYYYOOOOO!!!" The party jumps as a loud booming man yells from behind them. Turning around instantly, they see a man that looks like he was created out of a drawing book for third-graders. "Behold! I am Genghis Sans, from the mighty land of Sonsgolia! I am here to defeat my evil counter-part on the battlefield!" He takes out a sword that looks like it is made out of cardboard.
Genghis Sans has joined the Party!

Flying Dice:
"Heya Sans-y, good to see ya again!"


--- Quote from: Flying Dice on May 06, 2012, 07:41:47 pm ---"Heya Sans-y, good to see ya again!"

--- End quote ---

The Sangolian warrior steps forward and widens his arms. He then gives Rainbow Dash a huge hug, the common greeting of his people. "Rainbow Dash! How is my favorite rainbow-colored ex-mercenary!"

Flying Dice:
"A lot better now, all healed up from that last job! Oh, and our Princess is insane and trying to kill us. No biggie."


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