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Author Topic: [0.34.11] Stockpile options for bone meal, liquid_misc not working  (Read 1185 times)


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hi there! im new to df modding. i made some custom materials for dyeing and alchemy, and put most of them into bone meal / liquid misc categories using the tokens LIQUID_MISC and POWDER_MISC_CREATURE, but my dwarves refuse to actually put any of them into stockpiles with those categories enabled, despite the individual types properly beeing listed in the stockpile settings - instead, they will treat the containers as if they were empty and put them into finished goods or furniture stockpiles.

this only seems to happen with materials in those 2 categories, custom plant powders, plant extracts, plant cheeses, metals and others seem to work just fine from what i have observed. i couldnt find anything on the subject on the forum, i wonder if this is an issue that anyone else had? some posts mention that people are indeed using these stockpile categories so i guess i must have done something wrong?  :-\

*edit: as a matter of fact, plant extracts are partly broken too. plant extracts in flasks/vials dont get stored in their proper place, jugs etc. no problem.
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