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Author Topic: General Doctor Who Thread: JESUS CHRIST 50TH ANNIVERSARY HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS  (Read 10885 times)


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Episode 5: Dot and Bubble
The community seems to have concluded that this episode is about racism. And anyone who fails to recognize the racism, is part of the problem.
I just don't see it. Lindy clearly explains that her issue is with social class, and I just don't see any reason to read further into it than that.

Episode 6: Rogue
...but how did the Cosplaying Owls in the past watch a TV show from centuries later?

Episode 7: The Legend of Ruby Sunday
Every time The Doctor shows up at UNIT, like half of their people die horribly. And yet the next time they are elated to see him again?
The Doctor never previously acknowledged Susan Twist in any way, and yet now suddenly she is a big problem that needs to be researched? That needed better buildup.
So the Toymaker is now part of a very generic pantheon, and we've immediately moved on to the biggest baddest and most boring God of them all. I find this development disappointing.
Other than that, loved all the mysteries in this episode. Though it did leave a lot of loose ends to be tied up in the finale.


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I've been hoarding up my own thoughts on Dot And Bubble, and onwards (I don't know about elsewhere). In short, though:

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