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Author Topic: DFHack script: Autosquad  (Read 821 times)


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DFHack script: Autosquad
« on: February 28, 2023, 06:40:50 pm »

Hi! After some frustration and quite a few tries to tinker with DF squad assginment UI behaviour, especially to remove the the not so fun feature of the assignment list scrolling itself to the very top after each assigned position I've kinda given up.

But instead of changing the UI I've made a little script which assigns squadless dorfs into all existing squads automatically.

Works with any squad sizes and any dorf amounts (I think). So far I tested it by assigning ~1000 dorfs to 11 squads 100 positions each all at once. Went smoothly (and quite surprisingly game didn't even crash when I sent all of them to raid some humans).

If you want to clad everyone in iron to forget about making new clothes or if you want to toughen your population and satisfy their need to develop martial skills... Help yourself!

It's surely not perfect, I started working on DFHack scripts very recently. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I have some plans to develop it further into something in a shape of military/raiding manager, a proper parametrizable gui tool which would make military forts more pleasant to manage. What features would you like to see in such a tool? Would you like to see such tool at all?