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Author Topic: TURKISH ELECTIONS ARE... Over. All is lost. (TurkePol Thread?)  (Read 10745 times)

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Re: TURKISH ELECTIONS ARE... Over. All is lost. (TurkePol Thread?)
« Reply #225 on: September 28, 2023, 06:05:28 am »

As you may or may not know, bottom man are exempt from militiary service. You know why. The whole "unmanly" shtick. Tops are allowed though. So it is pretty much the Greek point of view.

The exemption previously required photogtaphic evidence; You essentially had to show a bunch of militiary doctors porn of you getting fucked in the ass.

But nowadays it has been reduced to a "pschological evaluation". With that I mean you and your family answering incredibly invasive questions such as the kinds of toys you played with in your childhood or if you use perfume or not. Questions to "determine" if you are a bottom or not. Which is bullshit, as you can tell.

And as you may or may not know... I am queer. I am planning to dodge the draft by being me. I have 0 respect or compassion for the militiary. I hate the idea of toiling under it.

Now, should I enter the evaluation? I am not effeminate at all. I am actually gender neutral on most regards. Being me is probably not enough for me to pass as a gay bottom.

Or should I fulfill the... older requirements?~. As a treat?

We all know why this rule exists. All man on the top most be bottoms themselves and they must be trying to eliminate the competition.


They have no words to label me. They have no concept to describe me. Their pathetic little framework falls apart at the sight of me. I am neither of the two things they use to describe the likes of me. Me. Me. Me.

I am the natural consequence of nature that they call an abberation. I am the living, breathing personification of the words "the nail that sticks out". I am the grim reminder that all they think they know and have been believing for millenia are all false.

Yea. I am all that. Any objections? Cool.
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