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Author Topic: No Tablets Needed a mod for The Long Night  (Read 627 times)


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No Tablets Needed a mod for The Long Night
« on: December 15, 2022, 05:30:35 pm »

This is a mod for the Long Night that changes the way you can ascend and install programs into colonists in fortress mode. Instead of using tablets and having someone eat them to ascend or gain programs you only need to have the person you chose to modify use the workshop and the modifications will be automatically applied to the workshop worker. This mod also allows you to make multiple transformations to same colonist so you can now go from Terran to Cyborg to Posthuman for example. Installing a new combat program to the same limb will remove the old program for example if you have blades installed on a colonist's right hand and then try and install a railgun to the same right hand the blades will be removed and replaced with the railgun. I haven't tested this mod in adventure mode so I don't know how it will affect it as of yet.

Mod Requirements: