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Author Topic: 40d - repeated game crash  (Read 1262 times)


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40d - repeated game crash
« on: March 29, 2010, 05:25:57 pm »

Whenever I open this save, moments after opening, it will crash. When I first encountered the crash (on my windows 98 comp, with 55 fpm (M, not S)), I saved prohibitively to get closer and closer to the problem. If you load this save you'll find that, within dwarf-steps of loading (even on my xp comp, running about 15-20 fps) the game will crash. Anybody else getting this with the savefile or is it sporadic? (If somehow you get past this, pls submit the save back so I can see if it still works beyond there.)
WARNING: This save won't crash with a sudden closure of DF, nor will the OS intervene and inform you that "the program is no longer responding; want to send an error report?". DF will simply steal all your system resources and your comp will drag to a halt. Therefore, a process manager like Windows Task Manager or Process Explorer should probably be open before you load the save, ready to end the DF process and prevent catastrophe.
I've certainly made some illicit moves with this save, including raw hacks and tile edits, but I've done it all previously in other saves and nothing of this magnitude has occurred before. If anybody wants a more specific list of edits, I can provide them.

EDIT: Reverting to standard raws seemed to solve the prob, moments after the game locked up under modified raws, I got a human caravan in standard. However, this suggests that the problem was with my entity raw, which apparently is not affected until a new world is generated. (I made some modifications to all the entities to give them liaisons and such.) It might also have something to do with my severely modified trade_capacity tags, which were all somewhere in the high hundreds of thousands. (That would force the game to generate tons of stuff for the trade animals to carry, I'd wager.) I'm going to keep testing, suggestions?

SECOND EDIT: Yup, 2 million trade capacity has a bad tendency to crash the game. Reverting to more reasonable tags in the creature raws averted crash. Problem solved.
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Playing DF on Windows 98 since.... ?
At 55 frames per minute.